Wino Wednesday :: Ponte Pietra 2012

Wednesday already!

That week just disappeared. April 1, a fun, sometimes slightly annoying, springy day, well at least here in Winnipeg this year. The Mr. started his new job and was excited and happy when he got home from work, so I think he had a good day. I did extremely wife like things like grocery shopping, cleaning, and drinking wine. Yuck, I hate that word, wife. I know that I am one but I feel like the word is just soaked in preconceived notions of what a wife once was. I get it, times have changed and I should assume most people don’t think like that but I doubt that is true. What is even worse is the phrase, “housewife.” WHY WHY WHY was this a phrase someone coined. Please call me the house ninja or anything else.

House Ninja… I like that. I know my way around the apartment best. I can do many things at once whilst in the apartment. Everyone wants to be a ninja, right…

That was a tangent, phew.

Whine, whine, wine. This bottle I picked up at De Luca’s the last time I went wine frolicking. Speaking of frolicking I am zipping down to my parents for Easter weekend tomorrow and am pumped because I am going to drink all the wine at my dad’s place and bring my limit in wine and beer back. Yes, I am a lush. Mostly, though, my wine rack is completely empty and it’s throwing my wine sense off. It has been awhile since I have perused the racks of a liquor store stateside so let me know if there is something new and interesting you suggest. I am always open to ideas.

Review :: Ponte Pietra 2012 Trebbiano – Garganega

Wino Wednesday :: Ponte Pietra 2012

Technical Specs:

Vintage: 2012

Varietal: Trebbiano di Soave, Garganega

Note: I was unable to find the exact percentages of each but from previous vintages I can tell that it is around the 60-40 or less mark, in the order mentioned above.

Region: Veneto IGT, Italy

Alcohol: 12.5%

Price: $12.75 CAD

As I mentioned, this is one of the two bottles of wine I picked up at De Luca’s Fine Wine when I was last out wine frolicking. I try to only go to wine shops a couple times a month because I look at EVERYTHING and it consumes too much time. Also, nobody wants to be known as a lush, ammirite?

This wine is made from two lesser known grape varietals but both are prevalent in the background of many wines. Known as Trebbiano in Italy, this grape also has the name Ugni Blanc, sound familiar? This grape is most commonly known for being the base of brandy before it is distilled. This grape is so widely planted in France and Italy that it may well be the most produced grape in the world. The Garganega in this wine is most famously know for its incarnation as Soave, which it may account for 70 – 100 percent of the blend. If yields of Garganega are controlled the varietal can prove to produce wines of real class, otherwise the Garganega can easily become a high yield, “filler” of sorts.

This bottle is nondescript which usually means I am going to love it. First pour, a pale straw colored wine hits the glass with a nose of green apples and nutty, floral notes. One the palate the wine is soft but zesty with green apple, soft honey and an sweet almond. The finish is high acid with loads of citrus notes.

The wine itself is slightly uninspiring but I think given a beautiful day and company outside this wine would prove to be the perfect accompaniment. This is a best buy at $12.75 and perfect to have around for a great summer day.

Drink up!


{Updated: Sorry if you did not see this post previously, I have been making some changes on the blog/soon to be a dot-com and have run into a few snags. Thanks for coming back every Wednesday to read my reviews.}