Wino Wednesday :: Bouza Tannat 2011 Sin Barrica

What do you do when you are having a rough week?

I dress myself in my raspberry beret, red swing coat and channel my inner Parisian. Then I take my adorable self and walk to the neighborhood wine shop and swing by a bakery to snag a rustic loaf of sourdough. Sour mood gone and delicious snack has arrived. Fresh air and a long walk take the edge off of cranky days too, double plus.

I picked up a bottle at De Luca’s again because it is a nice walk away from our place and I totally forgot it was Wednesday. I actually pulled last weeks wine out of the fridge and started to use it before I realized I already wrote this…sad but true.

I walked into the shop tooled around a bit and then dared myself to pick up something I knew next to nothing about. I wandered over to the Uruguay section and grabbed a bottle of Tannat that I had had an inkling to purchase previously. Mission accomplished.

I dare you to do the same and see where your curiosity takes you!

Review: Bouza Tannat 2011 Sin Barrica

Wino Wednesday :: Bouza Tannat 2011 Sin Barrica

Technical Specs

Vintage: 2011

Varietal: 100% Tannat

Region: Montevideo, Uruguay

Alcohol: 15.5%

Price: $23.99 CAD

A little bit about the grape, Tannat. This grape’s origins start in South West France and was brought to South America by Basque settlers in the 19th century. Similar to Malbec the grape flourished in the warmer climate of South America. The grape itself is an intense grape that is not often made to show case its true self. It is usually found as a minor element or blended with other varietals that will soften it, or it sees oak.

This particular bottle does none of the above. Intrigued?

Opening this wine I was a bit amazed at how powerful it was in the glass and first sip was, “Woah, Nelly, what have I gotten myself into!.” A deep and intense ruby color in the glass with a nose of acidic red and dark fruits with a note that is almost savory or herbal in quality. On the palate this is a h-o-t wine. Seriously, at 15.5% it hits you, but if you follow the temperature suggestions of 16˚C it cools it down considerably. Dark fruits, great acidity, strangely soft tannins and great structure and balance. Overall, this juice is a sophisticated powerhouse.

If I was the patient type I would totally try that. This bottle is already a couple years old and the winemakers suggestion is that it could be cellar-ed for 8 years. This powerhouse could take on any full, heavy foods and flavors you could throw at it. A pasta dish with a heavy sauce or a piece of red meat sound nice.

A great wine to drink because the goal was to show the characteristics of the varietal, now I will be very interested in picking up a blend with a little Tannat in it to see what it does.

Drink up!