Wino Wednesday :: Plowbuster 2012 Pinot Noir

It’s Wednesday, I still got this review done on a Wednesday!

I spent half of my day at the service department of Toyota. I was happy to do it because the Blueberry has had troubles since its last trip to Toyota service two weeks ago. This is not the same Toyota dealership as today. The one today did everything it could to make sure the Blueberry was all fixed up due to oversight (kindest word I could muster) at the shitty dealership down the road.

I love paying for other people’s incompetence. #not

The part that sweetened the day was new micro pens from Curry’s Art Store and a my first trip to Len’s Mill. I seriously died when I walked into this warehouse full of stuff, with near half of it being FABRIC! Tons and tons of fabric! I want to go back and look at every inch of that strange store. Even better was that I found the perfect fuzzy fabric I have been looking searching for for over a week! I may actually cross a project off my list.

Needless to say, I got home late and with it getting darker earlier I totally forgot about taking my photos and the lack of natural light necessary to take nice ones. I am sure many out there can take beautiful photos in darker situations, but to a novice beautiful, natural light is my friend. Here is a “behind the scenes” of my “studio.” HAHAHA! Actually, the lighting is pretty sexy.


Wino Wednesday :: Plowbuster 2012 Pinot Noir | The little Red Heart

In other news, wine.

I splurged a tad and bought a Oregon Pinot Noir from the LCBO. I know, I know. “Marisa I thought you were going to stay under the $20 CAD mark?” I couldn’t refuse this one. It is an Oregon Pinot Noir that I have never had the pleasure of consuming before and it was only $25. Usually I look at this section and see three bottles, all of which I have had and am not going to spend over $20 to drink again. This in no way means the others are bad it is just a thing that I don’t want to do.

To the PINOT NOIR——————–> And BEYOND!

Review:  Plowbuster 2012 Pinot Noir

Wino Wednesday :: Plowbuster 2012 Pinot Noir | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs

Vintage: 2012

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Region: Chahalem Mountains AVA of Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

Alcohol Content: 13.0%

Price: $24.95 CAD

Interestingly enough Oregon is one of the states full of people and their own rugged individuality, and it reaches all facets of life, especially Pinot Noir. Oregon, or more specifically Willamette Valley, produces Pinot Noir like the best of them, along with Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. Basically, it does Burgundy, France varietals well.

In the glass this is purdy, real purdy. An almost star bright garnet color in the glass with a nose of cranberry, blackberry, cherry, and vanilla undertones. On the palate, this wine has all those wonderful fruits with fine tannins and a balanced acidic finish that starts before the wine gets sweet.

Stylistically, this is on the divide of California (New) / Burgundy (Old) world wines. It is perfect for those who want to venture into Oregon Pinot Noir, but maybe are off put by the idea of a rugged Pinot Noir.

Recap, your choices are usually slim when it comes to Oregon Pinot Noir at the LCBO, but I encourage you to snag one from Willamette Valley because I doubt you will be disappointed. A tid bit is that the difference is quality from say this $25 bottle to a $40-45 bottle, which will be exceptional. Either way, Willamette shouldn’t let you down when it comes to Pinot Noir.

Drink up!


P.S. It’s Will-AM-it! Dammit. (i.e. Willamette and dammit rhyme) Letting you in on a secret so you don’t sound as dumb as you look, and when I say you, I mean me. That was me and it was embarrassing.