Wino Wednesday :: The 2013 Grinder Pinotage


Is there anybody out there?

I have not jumped ship from The little Red heart, although it may feel like that to my loveliest of readers. I can’t apologize too much because this is the first full week I have felt good and healthy. The other three weeks I felt like a shell of myself just going from one task to another and it was awful. Hindsight I think I may have had bronchitis but I came from a family that did not get “coughy cold things” so I was a fish out of water.

I still have a bit of a cough but I can smell AND taste again!

I tried to write a review a couple weeks ago and it was quite possibly the worst thing ever. I hadn’t had any real perspective on how sick I was until I had that sip of wine. I looked at my glass in utter disappointment for there was no way I could tell this from a glass of diet coke. Luckily, those days are behind me and I made it out mostly intact. It was touch and go there for a little bit.

In this past weeks, I started my seasonal job at LUSH and love it! Insert dark period where I rarely left bed. Tried-out for Forest City Derby Girls WFTDA team the Timber Rollers and was offered a spot on the roster for 2015. Went hard at those same practices and hurt my side bum and thigh. Celebrated three years of marriage and seven years of togetherness with Cody, no bubbly due to no taste buds, but I got a bunch of vegan donuts from Veg Out. Continued to work at LUSH and love it. Played in a two games of derby on the same night and fell on a set of wheels on my slightly healed and still hurting side bum and thigh during the second game. Oh I got passed the Star in the last jam of the game and took a bit of a tumble and most unfortunately couldn’t score three more points to tie the game up, that sucked but I was playing on a roster that equals FUN so nobody batted an eye. That is my definition of a team. Then there was American Thanksgiving, first one ever that I did not get to celebrate it with my family and I am in Canada, so it is hard to find the right fixin’s. Adulthood…not always that much fun.

A few other things happened but I will save those for next week.

Now it is Wednesday and I am happy and healthy.

Review :: The Grinder

Wino Wednesday :: The 2013 Grinder Pinotage | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs

Vinatage: 2013

Varietal: 100% Pinotage

Region: Winelands, South Africa

Alcohol Content: 14.0%

Price: $13.95 CAD

I was wandering around the LCBO, still sick mind you, and a couple of employees my age were having SO much fun that it reminded me of my days at Hugo’s Wine and Spirits. I miss that place. The two employees struck up conversation and one of them pointed me towards this bottle of wine. I was apprehensive because coffee and wine does not sound like a good time.

She was explaining it to me and says, “it’s from…it’s from…”

I interject, “South Africa?”

She looks on label, “Yes, have you had it already?”

I say, “Nope, but Pinotage is likely to be from South Africa.”

She smiles and says, “You must know your stuff.”

I say, “Nope, not really, but thanks for the compliment. I’ll try it.”

What is Pinotage, you ask? It is a distinctive grape cross of Cinsault and Pinot Noir from South Africa. One could say it is South Africa’s signature varietal.

This wine is definitely unique with a nose full of black cherry, coffee, and mocha and a dark, inky ruby color to match. I am glad that I picked something bright and full of flavor because my nose seems to be out of practice.

First sip is delicious tart cherry, that is round and supple enough to make this wine a sipper, with the coffee bean and espresso accompanying the slight dry tannins and a long finish of dark, yummy, chocolate. This wine is medium-bodied and was rather surprising.

I was expecting something a touch sweeter and with less body, gladly I was mistaken. I enjoyed this glass of wine with a dairy free dark chocolate truffle and it was delicious. Enjoy this wine during a dinner of barbequed meats, after dinner with a rich chocolatey dessert, or all by itself.

After letting my palate ponder after writing the above I came to the conclusion that this wine does indeed evoke a chocolate covered espresso bean flavor, especially on the finish. Too cool!

Drink up!


I had to show you this picture of the behind the scenes because my socks matched the wine label and foil.

Wino Wednesday :: The 2013 Grinder Pinotage | The little Red Heart