Wino Wednesday // Terre de Neptune Picpoul de Pinet 2013

Happy Earth Day!

I hope that everyone takes a moment to consider their personal impact on Earth today. I know I did. Although, I have over the years found new ways to reduce my impact there is always room for improvement, unless you are one of those lucky ones that lives off the earth in a tree house somewhere.

Some of my favorite ways to easily reduce your impact are to buy poop bags that will not just fill the landfill. Dog poop can easily become one with the earth but nobody makes friends in a city by not picking it up, so do us a favor and spend those extra dollars. Shower together. Walk, don’t drive. If you have to drive, don’t by that Hummer, go electric or hybrid or take the bus. Go Week Day Veg, this is where you only eat meat on the weekends, or whichever days you choose. This ALONE has a huge impact and makes you eat healthier. If you are super bad-ass give Vegan-ism a try, it won’t kill you.  Buy yourself a water bottle. Compost and recycle.

There are probably thousands of other ways but these are a few I have worked towards this year, except recycling, I can’t remember a time growing up that my family didn’t do that.

I shall stop my rant of the importance of knowing what we can do to help the Earth, now go make some changes. I know I have a few that I am still working on.

If I was being super organized I would have bought a bottle of wine from a company that uses organic grapes with no pesticides or harmful chemicals. Ironically, I picked a wine that is called Terre de Neptune, it actually means God of the Sea, but still funny.

Review // Terre de Neptune Picpoul de Pinet

Wino Wednesday // Terre de Neptune Picpoul de Pinet 2013

Technical Specs //

Vintage: 2013

Varietal: 100% Picpoul (Piquepoul) Blanc

Region: Languedoc, France

Alcohol: 12.5%

Price: $15.95 CAD

I picked this bottle up at the Kenaston Wine Market here in Winnipeg. I found it in the cooler towards the front of the store and it was one of those it-looked-intriguing bottles, so I hoped for the best. The grape Picpoul de Pinet was one I hadn’t heard of but I was very aware of the region Languedoc that it is produced in. Also, a great reason to get out some of my favorite wine reference books and do a little hands on digging with BOOKS.

Picpoul actually means ‘lip-stinger.’ It is an ancient grape from Languedoc and one of the few AC wines that is varietally named. Honestly, there is not a ton of information on this grape because it is so obscure, but if I had to compare it I would say it is in the same ball park as Grüner Veltliner, no wonder I am so fond of this white wine.

A pale straw yellow in the glass this wine doesn’t look like much. On the nose, lively green apple, and all the citrus notes, i.e. lemons. The aromas that are present on the nose come through on the palate as well, with an accompanied minerality. This Picpoul has a bright acidity with a crisp finish. YUM.

The only thing you really need to know is that is a rather obscure grape and you will rarely find it, if you do, snag a bottle and enjoy! I am happy to say that it will be something I pick up this summer! I have nothing else to say because I have to get back to drinking this wine…