Wino Wednesday :: Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda 2012

I have drank a bunch of good wine and beer since I last was here. I hope you have too.

My long absence was not due to laziness like a few other times in the past year due to my crazy life! The Mr., myself, and the dog have had what I have deemed a “fresh start” year. 2015 has looked like this :: decide to move in April, nope actually pack up and relocate before the end of February, homeless for a couple weeks while we looked for places in The Peg, visited my family and some close friends, found an adorable teeny tiny one bedroom apartment in the specific area we wanted, started looking and then the Mr. got a job as Reference Librarian at the U of M and starts April 1, and I just unpacked my office stuff so I could finally write one of these.

Things are on the upswing for this cool couple and 2015 is our year.

Enough about me.

Actually, I am looking for creative job opportunities, whether that be in craft beer, wine & spirits, maybe something that uses my love of DIY or anything that involves my creative side in Winnipeg. If something happens across your path I would love it if you passed it my way.

The coolest part about moving to Manitoba is the less strict liquor laws. Yes, I know I am a tad on the strange side of things, but YAY! Seriously, I love The Independent Wine Stores of Manitoba. Not because they arrange wines by country which still kills me but because their six separate private shops that carry their own crafted selection of wine. Also, most of the shops have a room for tastings, classes, and cooking. There went all my extra monies.

My first stop once we were slightly settled, De Luca Fine Wines. I actually was meaning to walk into the De Luca grocery store but quickly realized the two are not connected inside, oops. The shop is well laid out, making it easy to peruse the selection and nothing gets too high up, so I can easily grab what I am looking for. The only staff in the shop were two women, which is F$#%ing amaze-balls. Unfortunately, both seemed rather engrossed in what they were doing so I did not get much help. {Disclaimer:: The second time I went I got fantastic service that solidifies many more trips in the future.}

The first of the bottles I purchased at De Luca’s is a Bonarda and

Review :: Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda 2012

Wino Wednesday :: Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda 2012

Technical Specs::

Vintage: 2012

Varietal: 100% Bonarda

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Alcohol: 13.8%

Price: $18.99

I asked specifically for something interesting and off the beaten path at De Luca’s. She showed me many choices, both red and white, that interested me and a few varietals I have never tried, while staying under my $25 mark, which I did not mention when she showed me the selections. Points for knowing what the customer wanted even when they seemed unsure.

Her first choice took me to the familiar land of Argentina to show me a grape I had not had the pleasure of drinking before. In the glass this Bonarda is an opulent purplish red color that is opaque and young looking. On the nose there is a bunch o’ripe fruit: strawberries and black cherries. There is also a spice quality that I would attribute to the wine seeing some oak but other than that this wine is fairly straightforward. Juicy and easy tannins on the finish, that lingers nicely.

This is a very friendly entry intro to Bonarda which I can imagine can become a big, fruity, and tannic wine if the winemaker so chooses. This red is a win. I like that it is easy to wrap my nose around and drink. I would think this would be an easy wine to pair with food because of its soft tannins and easy drink-ability.

Drink up!


P.S. Please bear with me and my photos because I have yet to find the sweet spot and time for ideal light in our new place.


Wino Wednesday :: Finca Flichman Misterio Malbec 2013

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…

It is a dreary day here. The kind where you want to wear your most comfortable clothes and hide under a blanket. Considering I am not working I am always amazed at the little bit of will power I have left kicking in, I could just hide in my bed all day. Alas, I would like to keep some semblance of my sanity so I get up and putz about the house.

Maybe because it is almost Fall, my favorite season, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. All ages of students are moving on to a new year of school and here I seem to be frozen. Time is moving so slowly for me, almost to the point of going backwards.  Time is so relative; it is weird.

I sound depressing to be around, I assure you I am not that bad. It may take me awhile to to get into the grove of a conversation but I assure you I still have things to add. Except to a conversation that I had with someone new that I had met yesterday. This person had been everywhere. Instead of name dropping it was destination dropping. “I was in Guatemala for the winter.” ” I was just in Rio and Buenas Aires.” “When I was traveling around Europe.” “Chile, I loved going there.” ” I did a wine tour in Mendoza.”

I become mesmerized by all the travel some people have under their belts and always wonder how? Then I think, it is not the how for these people it is the when. How has so many other questions that follow it but when is a date or a time.

I guess I should start thinking like a when kind of person from now on, it has less baggage.

I hope you are not thinking WHEN am I going to get to the review. Hahaha, to the review!

Review :: Mistero Malbec 2013

Wino Wednesday :: Finca Flichman Misterio Malbec 2013 | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs ::

Varietal: Malbec

Vintage: 2013

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Price: $9.95 CAD

Sad to say but it took me pouring and drinking most of the glass to finalyl remember where on earth I got this bottle of Malbec from. It dawned on me. This was a bottle that Cody won at a storytelling “party” with a bunch of his MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) peers. I was wondering why I would pick up a bottle of under $10 Malbec at the LCBO. This in no way is to preface the wine as being bad, it was just a shock.

In the glass the wine is deep black garnet color with anything but subtle aromas of dark stone fruit, florals, tobacco, and oak. Similar to the aromas this wine on the palate is a heavy hitter yet still medium bodied. It has tastes of the same dark stone fruit with heavy oak and long lasting tannins. Surprisingly, the finish is quite nice on this Malbec.

This bottle would be considered a value priced wine and I would recommend it with a dinner of heavy fare foods, red meats and hard cheeses that are full of flavor, similar to Parmesan or Gruyere. Even the touch of dark chocolate I was eating helped cut through the acidity a bit and let the flavor shine through.

All in all for under $10 at the LCBO, this is both easy on your wallet and palate. Can’t beat that!

Drink up!


Wino Wednesday :: Piattelli Vineyards 2013 Rose of Malbec

Hiddy Ho, Neighbors. Sorry about my missing my Wino Wednesday post last week. I chilled a bottle of Chardonnay that my father had given me and was very much looking forward to it. I opened it and bah! this is a little acidic, maybe it needs to relax a bit. It sat on the table and Cody tried it and all I heard from the other room was YUCK. I said to him, “nah, it’s not that bad.” Then a friend, Kelly, came over and proceeded to do the same thing except her response was “ish, this needs to go back into the barrel.” I was all like, “nah, it’s not that bad.”

I came back to it, drank some and thought to myself this is bad, bad, bad. I would make an assumption that the Chardonnay is quite nice from what I have read, but this bottle had turned and was not salvageable. I only mentioned this because sometimes a bottle of wine has been ruined, either by heat, cold, or a gap in the cork that lets air in. Shit happens, but just because that bottle is bad does not mean the the label is bad. Remember to take back the bottle to the store you bought it from and ask for a replacement. This should not be an issue because all parties involved stand to gain by replacing a turned bottle.

I am a diet hoarder so I keep my receipts for all my alcohol purchases just in case.

I hope that you my lovely neighbors are not tired of Rose/Blush wine reviews, because I have been having a love affair with them all summer; I do not foresee it stopping until well into the fall.

Review: Piattelli Vineyards 2013 Premium Reserve Rose of Malbec

Wino Wednesday :: Piattelli Vineyards 2013 Rose of Malbec

Technical Specs:

Varietal: 91% Malbec 9% Torrontes

Vintage: 2013

Region: Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina

Alcohol Content: 14.0%

Price: $13.99 USD

This ‘special’ Rose is a blend of Piattelli Grand Reserve Malbec and Premium Torrontes both of which are highly rated by Robert Parker. If you don’t know who Robert Parker Jr. is, no worries, he is a smart dude that knows his stuff, writes reviews, and scores wines out of 100. Honestly, he has this no nonsense air about his reviews that cut out the extra crap that can follow from the label to a critics palate. If Robert Parker Jr. likes it, than you will too.

Off on a bit of a tangent there, getting back to the wine now.

The one thing that I first noticed about this Rose is that you must heed the serving temperature suggestion of 54˚F because if this is overly chilled the nuances and flavor of the wine will be lost.

In the glass this Rose is the popping color of a blushing peach, it is cute! Piattelli tells us that this particular wine is where elegant meets fun. It smells of  light fruits, a touch of spice, and light white flowers. This is not a sweet wine, it is medium bodied with bright fruits and the spice of oak on the palate. On the finish this rose has a pleasant, yet slightly high acidity with lingering tannins.

Try pairing this summertime wine with an avocado tuna roll as per recommendation of the winemaker, and also I think a touch of salt would be perfect, say a goat cheese crostini variation.

Drink up!


P.S. Just so you are aware I have a the worst allergies right now and my nose is plugged because I am watching the Stargate SG-1, Season 7, Episodes 17 & 18 (Heros: Part I and II) and it is my kryptonite, a major character dies and I KNOW ITS COMING BUT IT STILL GETS ME! I have previously had this wine and thus why I choose to review it even with my allergies flaring up.

Wino Wednesday :: Mapema 2009 Malbec

Hello hello! This post is a little late but I got around to it, even on this crazy day of running around like a crazed lady!

This has been a tremendously crazy past week and upcoming week for me. My mother so kindly told me that when it comes to my life there is either feast or famine. Feast or famine, so much for striving towards balance. You know the feeling where you have simultaneously completed nothing and everything at the same time? That is what I feel like I am doing right now. I have had an amazing opportunity presented to me, career wise, and I truly hope that it will all works out and I can tell you more about it. Fingers crossed!

Review: Mapema 2009 Malbec

Wino Wednesday :: Mapema 2009 Malbec | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Varietal: 100%  Malbec

Vintage: 2009

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Alcohol Content: 13.9%

Price: $21.95 CAD  Side note: I did get this one stateside so the price will vary.

Malbec from Argentina is a gift of wonderful proportions to the wine world; most eloquently put, “The most emblematic Argentinean wine is made of this variety.” (

This particular bottle of Malbec was consistently being called, “superflashy.” Once I had my first sip I completely understood, an intense garnet color in the glass with a nose that yearns to be free. Hints of oak, new and old French barrels, cocoa, and sour cherry fill your nostrils.

Drinking the wine is easy, if you love powerful wines. The dark red and black berries are intense on the palate, but are perfectly shaped by the oak and tannins on the finish that is long and lasting.

This wine can easily stand up to meat, so pair wisely with grilled pork loin or hamburgers. If meat is not the treat for you, try making a heavy black bean burger that could stand up to such and intense red wine.

Malbec is not generally for the faint of heart, but if you love a powerful glass of wine, pick this up and see what you think of it.

Ooh, here is a picture of Niagara Falls. I visited there last week to meet up with family for dinner. After a couple hours of Cody and I marching around the falls, taking pictures, and generally in awe of the whole thing we met for dinner. At dinner, Addie, who is generally a lighter wine drinker and I, who was warm for the earlier mentioned walking, order Como Sur Bicicleta Chardonnay. It was delish. A Chard full of green apples and pear that is bone dry accompanied by a bright acid. Perfect for a hot summer day!

Dudes, I totally took this picture too!

Niagara Falls | The little Red Heart

Drink Up!