Tiny Tuesday :: Going Small

Every Wednesday I thoroughly enjoy writing a wine review and writing a little blurb about my goings on but I have a new interest in my life and I figure a great way for me to learn is to share my process. For those of you that don’t know, the Mr. and I just moved from London, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It was a BIG move.

We were living in a very nice sized 2 bedroom townhouse in London, approximately 900 sq ft not including an unfinished basement, which was wonderful for my love of revamping furniture and making craft messes. It also had a small backyard that we used for fires and just general outdoor chilling. It wasn’t in an ideal part of town but it was cheap for the amount of space. This time around we wanted to be in the part of town that held yummy food, easy access to bus routes, quick drive to necessities, and close to downtown. We ended up finding a place in the West Broadway/Wolseley area of Winnipeg which was exactly where we wanted to be.

Downside is we had to downsize.

Our current space is about 540 sq ft (if we measured correctly). You may as well say it is half the size of where we were before. I love this place, but that may just be because I love my kitchen. This small apartment has challenged what our idea of a “need” is. Yes, I had to sacrifice a few hobbies that required space or a well ventilated area, so I will have to find a friends place that I can go spray paint at.

Small seemed like too much of a massive lifestyle change, but we were sort of thrust into it so I am going to take you along on the journey. Here I will tackle issues, solve space problems, take some real photos of our space, and provide resources I use throughout the process.

Here is a video of the space, this does not show the layout of our unit which is smaller but same general vibe. Also, our “accent” wall is green, in case you were wondering. 😉