Name: Marisa

Loves: My adorable Miniature Schnauzer Mr. Doodles, anything wine related, okay, mostly the drinking of it, and crafting a beautiful space to live in.

My husband Cody, Mr.Doodles and myself just recently moved to London, ON so that Cody could attend the MLIS Graduate Program. I am filling my time by learning what I love and blogging about it. I am currently waiting patiently for my Permanent Resident card to process and studying for my Sommelier Certification through the Guild of Master Sommeliers.

What the hell is a sommelier you ask?

This is what my super duper dictionary told me:

sommelier |ˌsəməlˈyā|
a wine steward.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: French, literally ‘butler.’

That may be the hardest question to answer because to pin point what exactly a great sommelier does is like “trying to catch a cloud and pin it down.” {Points to those who get that reference} To me, a sommelier is a matchmaker. A sommelier has to be both good with people and wine, and match the person to the perfect bottle. Sometimes there is an added level of difficulty when there is food involved.

When I am out and people ask, “Why are you drinking beer?” Wine is my work and beer is my fun! No reason you cannot equally love both.

I will be blogging about the wine and beer I drink, the creative spaces that I live in, and any inspiration that I find along the way!

Questions and comments are loved!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. LOVE your blog, it makes me feel a teensy bit more connected to you & your beauty (both inside & out). Fantastic work! Love learning from you!

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