Wino Wednesday :: Poquito Moscato

It has been Wednesday all day!

Today I had a full day of training with LUSH because I was just hired on as a seasonal worker bee. This is super exciting because I have loved LUSH for many years, mostly bath bombs, but it was only until recently that I fell hard for all of many of the other product lines.

My hygiene routine will involve LUSH in some way for a very long time.

What does this have to do with the daily dose of wine I come to get!?!

LUSH is a plethora of smells. Everything from cinnamon and spice, to green apple and red berries. It is like nose training in disguise and LUSH has this thing called, “emotive” language which is basically what wine people have been using for, like ever.

Needless to say I am both excited to use my sense of smell and descriptive language in a new setting to help aid in my wine knowledge and teaching but also so nervous because they do demos, which have a slightly more “get to it” sales strategy. I say that because it is in no way abrupt or rude, just more to the point, and I know I will have to get better at that already.

It was a day of learning and what is a better way to celebrate fun than to have bubbles in a glass?

Review: Poquito Moscato
Wino Wednesday :: Poquito Moscato | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Vintage: NON-Vintage

Varietal: Moscatel de Alejandria

Region: Valencia D.O., Spain

Alcohol Content: 5.0%

Price: $5.85 reg price, currently at sale price of $2.85

Note: This is a half Bottle coming in at 375ml.

This moscato is exactly what it says it is, “A little sweet & a little fresh.”

The wine is a pale straw color enticing delicate florals, ripe peach, and pears. On the palate this small moscato is exactly as the nose predicts, light fruits that are sweet and refreshing.

I don’t have a million things to write about this little guy because it is exactly what it was meant to be, something fun, slightly sweet, and refreshing with a little bubble.

This is a drink you can easy have as an apéritif, it could easily go with a lighter cheese course, and amazingly they have a drink called, “Poquito Mojito.”

Honestly, best idea ever. Mint. Rum. Lime. Wonderful. Or, if you are me, try this next time with my Oddka Vodka Fresh Cut Grass Vodka, it is always my go to in place of white rum in a mojito. Here is a link to the website so you can check out the adorable stuff over there, Poquito Moscato.

If you would like to be fancy please feel free to drink this out of a glass but I had the most fun consuming it straight from its adorable bottle. Oh, there is a Pink too. If I see one I will snag that little bad boy and tell you if I like it as much!

This review is short and sweet just like the bottle.

Drink up!


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