Wino Wednesday :: Robert Mondavi 2010 Fumé Blanc

Today is Wednesday.

Honestly, I am unsure as to how I have made it this far into this particular week without consuming the entire world’s chocolate supply along with an American sized side of salty snacks.

Well now that you know how awesome I have been of late, let’s move onto some fun! Like the weather… it has been perfect! Cody and I just recently started playing tennis and the weather has been treating us right! This is his first experience with tennis but he comes from a Provincials winning Badminton background so he caught on real quick. My parents always had fun summer classes that my brother and I took, and tennis was one of those activities so I love tennis. It is so nice to have an activity that both of us enjoy that doesn’t involve the couch. It doesn’t hurt that tennis is super great cardio and is helping me meet my fitness goals.

Especially after that thing about the chocolate and the salt… and now wine.

The worst part is that I have had this wine previously and I remember how wonderful it is, so I shall drink all of it.

Review: Robert Mondavi 2010 Fumé Blanc

Wino Wednesday :: Robert Mondavi 2010 Fumé  Blanc | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Vintage: 2010

Varietal: 94% Sauvignon Blanc, 6% Semillon

Region: Napa Valley, California

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Price: $18 USD

A bit of an intro because the name is a bit misleading if you don’t know the context.

“Fumé” Blanc is a made up name, created by Robert Mondavi to increase sales of his new style of Sauvignon Blanc. He had consistently been making sweet style Sauvignon Blanc until he decided to make a French style Sauvignon Blanc. What was he to call it so that consumers knew it was different? Fumé Blanc.

He chose this name because “Fumé” translates to “smoke.” Not smoke as in smoky due to barrel aging and not due to any characteristic of the grape, but because Pouilly-Fumé, a popular region in Loire Valley, France that makes a dry-style Sauvignon Blanc.

Robert Mondavi, made Fumé Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc synonymous in the US, yes, it is confusing, and yes some may think there is a difference, but alas there is not. I think we can all agree that Mondavi was one smart cookie because this was the catalyst for the popularity of Sauvignon Blanc in the US.

In the glass this wine is a bright straw color that oozes refreshing, as in you just know it will quench your {wino} thirst. We all known water to be the real thirst quencher, or bubbly water in my case. This particular Sauvignon Blanc is soft with aromas of citrus, tropical fruits, lemon herbal notes, and white flowers. I feel as if I just described the smell of a fresh and light springtime rain, you may draw your own strange parallels.

The best part of this particular Sauvignon Blanc is it is zesty, but also creamy and soft all at the same time. The Sauvignon Blanc is the zest and the Semillion is the creamy heft. All of the citrus and tropical fruits come through on the palate, with the a creamy custard like weight. It finishes long and the flavor is persistent. This is a crowd pleaser. It is easy drinking for the “I’ll drink most anything” types and unique enough to intrigue the “I won’t drink just anything” types.

That being said, it is versatile when pairing foods as well. Try with simple veggie stir-fry, choose from a variety of fish or poultry, or drink all by itself as an apéritif in any season.

Drink up!


P.S. We had a mini photo-shoot because everyone was SO interested in what I was doing ESPECIALLY Doodles. The picture below looks like he is poo-pooing this wine! Obviously, he has no idea how delish it really is. The other two are purely glamor shots, ammirite?

Wino Wednesday :: Robert Mondavi 2010 Fumé  Blanc | The little Red Heart

Wino Wednesday :: Robert Mondavi 2010 Fumé  Blanc | The little Red Heart


Wino Wednesday :: Robert Mondavi 2010 Fumé  Blanc | The little Red Heart


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