Wino Wednesday :: Peller Estates 2013 Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Hello Hello!

I am in a particularly chipper mood today because after a rough couple days I got to spend the afternoon with a friend doing all the fun things! First up was this wonderful little skate park where I put on my quads and pretend like I got mad skills. We mostly had the park to ourselves which is nice because I am not completely aware of the etiquette that goes on at a skate park. At least I know there is etiquette, so I am not a total nuisance out there. From there we had an early dinner or late lunch and after walked to get vegan donuts from Veg Out. Peaches ‘n Creme and Pumpkin Spice….so good! All of those things equal a fantastico day!

I think it may be the weather. Perfect Fall breeze, sun shining and a few rolling clouds.

Hopefully the weather is just as nice where ever you are and you got/get to enjoy some of it!

Fall is such a hard season from me when it comes to wine. I never know if I should go white or red. Honestly, toughest question ever. This week it was easy because I am lacking any reds that seemed even remotely delicious to me and I already had a white chilled.

Review: Peller Estates 2013 Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Wino Wednesday :: Peller Estates Sauvignon Blanc 2013 | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2013

Region: VQA, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Alcohol Content: 13.4%

Price: $18.95

{Warning: My allergies are still crazy, #ihatethisareaandwanttoleave, so take what I say with a larger grain of salt than usual. My throat is sore from all the drainage thus making a perfectly acidic wine taste like someone is pouring straight lemon juice down my throat. }

In the glass this is a star bright wine, meaning, it is so shiny. It is a perfect straw color to boot! The aromas are strong but very clean, with pear, green apple, and loads of citrus: lemon and lime. First thing that I noticed about this Sauvignon Blanc is its weight. It is a medium-bodied white wine that has a noticeable heft on the palate. On the palate I got all of that same green apple, pear, and an add in of grapefruit.

The finish is equal to the dryness of a grapefruit that lingers for a bit. It is a fine example of Sauvignon Blanc and from a very local-to-me area, so I like it!

I would suggest this “savvy” with any salad, seriously, just do it, or maybe a summer-y pizza with fresh goat cheese. Currently, I am eating a lovely Tabbouleh salad with some goat cheese and it was fairing  well in pairing.

Drink Up!




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