Wino Wednesday :: Antolini Mazia Pinot Grigio

It has not been the most beautiful of summer days, but it has been a pretty dang warm week. I spent most of it working on a resume and cover letter to match and I did it all from scratch. That may sound easy to those of you with graphic design like skills but I am sans those skills and it turned out amazing. Are you wondering why I am so excited to being doing a resume? I got my actual PR card in the mail and went and got my social insurance number (SSN for those not privy to the Canadian ways), meaning I can officially work in Canada. I am so excited to get a job!

On a completely unrelated note it is Wednesday and not only does that mean wine, it also means Vegan Donuts! Any London area Vegan, Vegetarian, or allergic to what seems to be everything like myself, Veg Out is the place to go. Cody and I have been meaning to go there to eat an actual meal because their food looks unbelievably amazing and we have heard nothing but great things. I am not much of a donut fan but after having Veg Out’s donuts I am hooked. T

Now Wednesday’s are TWICE as exciting.

P.S. Veg Out just got Instagram: Veg.Out and it kills me because the feed is a whole lotta yummy.

I got sidetracked…On to the wine!

Review: Antolini Mazia Pinot Grigio

Wino Wednesday :: Antolini Mazia Pinot Grigio | The little Red Heart


Technical Specs:

Varietal: Pinot Grigio

Vintage: N/A

Region: Italy & Canada

Alcohol Content: 12.0%

Price: $12.00

This would not be something I would pick off the shelf. I sampled this wine on a beautiful day, after a long walk to the grocery store. Many a grocery store in Ontario have a Wine Rack in or near the store. This particular one was near the store and I found it wandering the little mall. The very personable employee was doing samples and I always say yes to those, I tried this strange blend of a wine and liked it. I did not buy it because I did not want to haul it along with my groceries the mile trek home.

It took until a month ago for me to stop into a Wine Rack and actually buy a bottle. The reason is that Wine Racks only have Ontario and VQA wines and I am mostly uninterested in what they have to offer.

In the glass this looks like any other Pinot Grigio. On the nose, I get green apple, citrus, and a mineral quality. On the palate this wine has a tart citrus-y acidity and gooseberry. The finish on this particular wine is slightly sweet but a tish unfulfilled if  you catch my drift.

Weirdly enough, I like it.

If I happen to drink this wine with food I would choose grilled fish or light pasta salads. Also for some reason the idea of grilled pineapple sounds like it would be worth a try with this wine.

This is a bottle of wine that is unpretentious and easy to drink. It is exactly what it says it is and I like that, especially with the $12 price tag (which is cheap for Canada, if you happen to be Stateside reading this).

Perfect cold drink for that warm day!

Drink Up!





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