Wino Wednesday :: Domaine Lafage Miraflors Rose

Pretty in Pink is all I could think… of when drinking this wine. Mostly because my Mom mentioned that I needed to buy a new dress for a friend’s wedding. She suggested red, but apparently it is inappropriate to wear red to a wedding, which sucks because red is my color. Even if it was appropriate I would not have because Cody would have made references to “The Red Wedding” from Game of Thrones THE ENTIRE TIME. She then thought pink, so a girl that wears mostly black, gray, and red went searching for pink.

This is my next stop for dresses, Dress 911. This company does mostly online sales, but has one brick and mortar store in London that I have avoided because cute dresses are like kryptonite for me, but now I am in dire need and they seem to have a plethora of summer time dresses in a variety of styles! I am going this week sometime so I will let you know if I find something!

I have had little to no luck with the dress but I have had luck with this sexy bottle of rosé.

Review: Domaine Lafage Miraflors Rose 2013

Domaine Lafage Miraflors Rose 2013 | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Varietal: 70 % Mourvèdre, 30 % Grenache Gris

Vintage: 2013

Appellation: Côtes du Roussillon, Roussillon, France

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Price: $15.95 CAD

This bottle starts the relationship off on a great foot, a sleek glass bottle with a glass stopper means someone paid as much attention to the look as the juice inside. This bottle screams at me to be reused in some beautiful way!

A pale pink color in the bottle and glass makes this wine look delicate. Mild aromas of cherry blossom, strawberries, and minerals fill the glass and make this wine hard to put down. One sip and your palate will be shocked by the straightforward nature of this seemingly delicate wine. This rosé is focused and fills the palate with round, detailed notes of mineral and spice. This wine ends dry, not drying your palate dry, but a mineral dry. It smells wonderful, tastes wonderful, and is light and summer-ific but not sweet. Do not be fooled.

Please be careful when chilling this wine, if you over chill it, the wine will suffer immensely.

What should you try eating with this wine? The Domaine LaFarge website suggests a multitude of Italian fare, such as, Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagna Bolognese. Then there is Ratatouille and Paella alongside hamburgers and pizza. If this shocks you then you were fooled by the wine. Just harassing you, this wine would also be wonderful to try with salads, salmon, shrimp, and grilled vegetables.

As I struggled through writing this review in my humid office I thought to myself, “Can’t I just stop writing this and tell people that it is really good and I think you should drink it?” Maybe that is too straight forward for my industry of choice, but I have always done things so far out of mainstream I figure maybe that is what will differentiate me from others in the long run…

I love you awesome readers.

Drink Up!



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