Words cannot seem to describe the utter tizzy Mr.Doodles (my Mini Schnauzer) was in last night. Honest to God, I did not get any sleep during any of the dark hours last night. Yuck. We think it was this GIANT horsefly that may have been bothering him but we shall never know…I have no idea how people with children do it and I understand that you are never fully ready to have children.

I did however train my dog well in some regards, the front door blew open, we have the worst door in the world, and I caught Mr.Doodles sitting between the open door and the wall just sniffing the air! Thankfully he was smart enough to know not to run out of the house because we have some nefarious neighbors.

All in all today was mostly a write off, productivity wise, for me so I am glad that I accomplished this!



Technical Specs:

Varietal: Riesling

Vintage: 2012

Appellation: Alsace, France

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Price: $16.95 CAD

It was a blessing to open the fridge to an already chilled bottle of white wine on this very humid of days. For reals, 70% chance of rain and all we have had is sun, sun, sun. I am not complaining, I am just glad that I had this already chilled and yes I plan my Wino Wednesday’s based on the forecast.

This dry white wine is so aromatic you can smell its bouquet as soon as you pour it into the glass. Let it just waft your way. Lemons, green apples, and peaches. The palate is so light it seems weightless until the mineral tones come through to weigh it down; a refreshing and vibrant wine that finishes with a limey citrus and steely quality that coats your palate.

Gustave Lorentz website has all the pages except a few that can be translated and of course the page about this particular wine is in French. I can read a tad when it is about wine but other than that my French is stuck in 7th grade.

This had a point…

Oh, this Riesling is bone dry or très sec, that sounds snazzier so let’s roll with that.

Riesling is THE most prestigious grape from Alsace. Alsatian Rieslings are very different in many ways when compared to their practically next door neighbor, German Rieslings. This is because Riesling is more sensitive to terroir* than most other white grapes. Growing Riesling in mediocre vineyards will most likely leave you with a dull wine, but when you find that perfect vineyard the wine can be devastatingly good.

*terroir: how the particular area that the wine is grown imparts unique characteristics and flavor.

You ask, “What shall I eat with this, Marisa?” Try lighter meats, pork loin, turkey, or freshwater fish. I can image a plethora of salads being wonderful and soft cheeses as well!

Well I am going to go finish this bottle of wine before I melt in this humidity.

Drink Up!



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