Wino Wednesday :: Pannon Tokaj Semi-Dry Muscat Lunel 2012

Every once in awhile I go to the LCBO and throw caution to the wind, sometimes it turns out well and other times it ends in, “MAKE IT STOP.” A tad melodramatic, but wine can be wrong, oh so wrong sometimes, especially if you have even the slightest of a discerning palate. The goal of my last LCBO trip was to venture into white wine territory. I noticed that I often lean towards the reds when writing reviews and did not want to cater to only one spectrum of wine drinkers. Also, it is getting warmer out, hot today, and I need some refreshing whites to enjoy!

Wino Wednesday :: Pannon Tokaj Semi-Dry Muscat Lunel 2012

Review: Pannon Tokaj Semi-Dry Muscat Lunel

Varietal: 100% Muscat Lunel

Vintage: 2012

Appellation: Tokaj, Hungary

Alcohol Content: 12.0%

Price: $12.95

Before I dive into a review of this bottle, I am going to do a quick description of the grape varietal, Muscat Lunel. To paraphrase Karen MacNeil, this varietal comes for a prolific family of ancient grapes, that are grown all over the world and is made into everything from sparkling to sweet fortified wines to dry. For those still out of the loop, this varietal is most commonly known by its Italian name, moscato.  It is often very perfumed and fruity.

That being said, please do not write off a bottle of wine because it is made with a certain grape, because wines of the same varietal can be greatly dissimilar.

On to the wine!

In the glass this particular juice is a light and bright straw yellow, a rather unassuming look compared to the rest of the wine. Upon first whiff I get melons, very perfumed floral, and a background of fresh ginger. Pretty snazzy sounding already, right? On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied and….creamy? Say what!? You heard me, this wine has a creamy consistency that adds to the weight of the wine and makes it feel quite wonderful as you drink. There is also a lemon quality and a fresh acidity that is quick and not overpowering. This wine is dry with a touch of sweetness that makes it wonderful for the summer months!


I would say, throw caution to the wind and go try it!

Love. Marisa




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