DIY:: Recycled Tyvek Mailer

Happy Friday!

I happened across an ad on Kijiji, free used FedEx Tyvek envelopes, and I answered the ad. Little did I know this girl meant business when she said she saves all of the Tyvek mailers that enter her place of employment! The funniest part was she was driving a Prius and I rolled up in a Prius. Granola’s….what’cha gonna do?

I picked up two, close to 20lb bags of used envelopes.

They sat in my car for a couple weeks.

Then I moved them to my basement and they sat there for a couple months.

Every once an awhile I would research ideas but nothing was motivating me, until one fateful day when I full on tripped over the bags and cursed the name of Tyvek. I was determined to figure something out!

What I am trying to tell you is that there is a high possibility that my posts will have an awful lot of Tyvek DIYs, mostly because I could not help myself and picked up two more bags! Cody has written me off as crazy (or crazier)!

The easiest thing you can do is reuse the envelope to mail another package, so here is a snap shot of the adorable packages I sent out to two good friends state side! The bigger package I turned into an old air mail envelope with the help of a red and blue sharpie, scissors, and tape! The smaller package was cut and sewn into a bag that can be reused as a wine bag! The black pattern on that bag was also done with a sharpie.

Next time you come across a used FedEx mailer be sure to think about reusing it to…mail something! Also, these were both considered large envelopes so I saved on shipping as well! Maybe the lovely ladies that receive these will show us pictures of what is inside. 😉

Love. Marisa




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