French Knot Pillow Revamp


My mom was taking this pillow, made by my great aunt, I do believe,  to Goodwill to live another life elsewhere and I decided that new life was to be with me!  It went well with our old bedding and I loved it for three years! After our move the pillow had no home due to a bedding change. The last six months it was thrown in the Office/Guest room, before it was deemed The Moroccan Room. Now, it looked weird in The Moroccan Room!

Goodwill being its next stop I grabbed my Stained by Sharpie, in Red and colored all of the French Knots! Now this funky pillow both ties together and adds to the fire red accents strewn about the room! Another example being the adorable cactus, so cute!


I pumped new life into this pillow armed only with a fabric marker! It is amazing the difference a bit of color can do!

Love. Marisa

Posted in DIY

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