Wino Wednesday :: Campo Viejo 2011 Rioja

Hidey Ho Neighbors!

Review: Campo Viejo 2011 Rioja

Wino Wednesday :: Campo Viejo 2011 Rioja

Technical Specs

Varietal: Tempranillo

Vintage: 2011

Appellation: La Rioja, Spain

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Price: Reg. $14.40 CAD

This is not my first time drinking this little lovely, but it was a couple dollars off at the LCBO so I thought, “Why not!” You may not fully grasp my love of Tempranillo, so let me try to get it across as best I can. Tempranillo is a staple for me, a necessity of sorts. Almost as if I have never met a Tempranillo that I haven’t liked, but that is not entirely true. I do love Tempranillo, but I love it most when it is from La Rioja, Spain. Honestly, those people got it and get it right! La Rioja land works its magic and produces a beautifully done wine and the winemakers seem to have an intuition on how to let the region do the leg work. Tempranillo is to Spain what Sauvignon Blanc is to New Zealand.

This direct quote from Campo Viejo Chief Winemaker Elena Adell, that sums up Tempranillo perfectly, “I adore working with Tempranillo. It’s such a versatile grape. I love seeing the many different ways it can express its character in such a diverse range of wines.”

I know what you are thinking, “Marisa really really really loves Tempranillo.” You my friends would be right, and I also love that it comes in a variety of styles and prices. This wine is a bright and vibrant garnet color even in my darkened office. Hmm… Maybe I should open the shades and be less of a hermit.

On the nose, ripe red berries like cherry, red raspberry, and cranberry accompanied by light wood, specifically oak, vanilla and spices. A similarity to Balsamic vinegar presents itself in this wine, both on the nose and palate and I love it.

This aromatic wine is medium-bodied and supple, carrying the aromas of the nose onto the palate and finishing with dry but refreshing acidity and a broad tannic structure. This is a drinker, not a thinker. It does what it does beautifully, thus making it something that will please the crowd.

Tempranillo is versatile, whether you are having a tapas menu or a hearty meat course, it will easily compliment both! Also, it looks smashing next to the Dood!

Wino Wednesday :: Campo Viejo 2011 Rioja


Love. Marisa



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