I have been out of the DIY loop, so sorry, I have been working on a few other things and you know that life stuff always seems to get in the way of DIY posts.  I am back with a inspiration post for my office/guest room!

The bedrooms in our house have no overhead lighting which doesn’t bother me in our bedroom, but the guest room/office it is another story. I have a floor lamp that is always in the way, so my next option is a pendant light on the end of a cord that runs along the ceiling and wall and plugs into the nearest socket. Alas, this is easy to do but the options are seemingly endless.






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I am thinking that most likely my new pendant light will be copper, I wonder what gave that away! I am hoping that this post will rocket my DIY idea into the next step of buying the supplies necessary, yuck, sometimes making the list is harder then the DIY!

Love. Marisa


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