Wino Wednesday :: Baron Philippe de Rothschild 2012 Pinot Noir


This is my first request Wino Wednesday! Yay, for people wanting to learn about wine and straight up asking me to review something! I hope you are currently thinking, “I want Marisa to review a Malbec, or a Riesling, or something from Germany, or maybe she knows something about accessories or pairing, etc.”

Guess, what? I have limited ESP(n) so all you have to do is ask!

Before going into this review I want all my readers to know, especially the requester, that if you like a bottle of wine, it doesn’t matter what I think or say. Wine is subjective, so if you like something, ask yourself “Why do I like this?” and use that deductive reasoning to get to the bottom of why!

Review: Baron Philippe de Rothschild 2012 Pays D’OC Pinot Noir

Wino Wednesday :: Baron Philippe de Rothschild 2012 Pinot Noir | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2012

Appellation: Languedoc – Roussillon, France

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Price: $11.95 CAD

This wonderfully inexpensive Pinot Noir is a Vin de Pays d’Oc, otherwise known as a Southern France country wine. When I say Southern France I am speaking of the region Languedo – Roussilion. This region classifies the vin de pays specifically as a Pays d’Oc and that is what you will see listed on this particular bottles label.

Oh, lordy, if that confused you just pretend that you didn’t read it, French wine laws and regions are the bane of many an existence.

This wine in the glass is a light ruby color, with the aroma of blackcurrant, cherry, and an earthy vegetal quality, that I loved. When spending $11.95 in Canada, I was not expecting much from this Pinot but was happily taken aback.

This Pinot Noir is a light-bodied wine that has tart cherries, accompanied with refreshing acidity. The structure is lean, the tannins are easy going with a firm, medium finish. This wine is lively and can be enjoyed on its own, but would pair well with medium fare foods. Think (yum) spicy salmon roll, caprese salad, chicken, and cranberry compote; the list can go on. I think I will be finishing the bottle off with a sun dried tomato and pepperoncini pizza!

I like this wine, it is a buy now and drink now kind of bottle!

Love. Marisa