DIY :: Electrical Tape Wall Art


This post is full of awesome, seriously, like the cat’s pajamas and the bee’s knees had a love child and you got this bad-ass baby boomer.

Okay, okay, a tad over the top, but I was so pumped that this wall art turned out so cool, can you blame me?

Sometimes ideas are hard to take to the cool level of 1)completion and 2)actually working but this project I completed in 2 hours and it turned out cool. Double Win!

The Before is the inspiration picture and the After is my rendition.


{Prerequisite} Step 1: Find an over head projector.

What you don’t have one of those? Well, neither did I, so I improvised. I made a projector using a box, magnifying glass, tape, and my iPhone, which came to a total of $1.25 for the magnifying glass. You can follow the easy photo tutorial over at Photojojo.

TIP: Be sure to turn the Portrait Orientation Lock On otherwise you may go crazy.

{Prerequisite} Step 2: Once you have your make shift iPhone Projector play around with the image to see how big you want it to be on the wall and where you want it located. This takes a bit of time so be patient.

On to the actual art portion of this tutorial:


Electrical tape




Step 1: Once the image you choose is projected nicely onto the wall, lightly pencil the lines to transfer the image to the wall.

Sorry this picture is so grainy, it was taken with my iPhone in a dark room.

DIY :: Electrical Tape Wall Art | The little Red Heart

Step 2: Turn on the lights.

Step 3: Grab your electrical tape and start “drawing” the image with the tape.


  • Electrical tape stretches when you unroll it so be sure to let it bounce back a bit before you adhere it to the wall. Otherwise, the tape will pull and it is likely it will start to come off.
  • The picture on your wall is a mirror image of the picture you used – if you used the DIY projector. Keep this is mind when you are looking at the photo.

DIY :: Electrical Tape Wall Art

Here is a full body shot / location shot, oh look, there are those lovely Polka Dots! Please never mind the ugly banister, thanks.

DIY :: Electrical Tape Wall Art | The little Red Heart

The best part about this is if I want to add more I can AND if I hate something or want to change something I can do that just as easily! This is a renter’s wet dream!

Love. Marisa


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