Wino Wednesday :: Prints by Wine Folly


Today was this awful crappy day outside and I cannot taste a damn thing, so this will be an unconventional Wino Wednesday!

Why can’t I taste a thing you ask? My wisdom tooth is coming in and is accompanied by drainage & a stuffy nose. Everything is tasting very strange so I thought it best I do not to set a wine up to fail.

Have you ever heard of Wine Folly?

Wine Folly is a top notch wine blog that explains everything from the basics up with the aid of beautiful infographics, maps, and posters. If you have no clue where to start learning about wine but want to I would suggest linking over to Wine Folly and hitting subscribe.

Here a few of my favorites from the Wine Folly shop:

This poster breaks down 120+ commonly used wine descriptors and what they mean, all done in this easy on the eyes poster.

This is a comprehensive guide on all the different types of wine and it makes you realize how much more drinking you have to do!

Oh my gawd, the maps are so cool! Here is Burgundy, a slightly unsettling region to learn about but this poster breaks it down and tells you whats up. One word: Awesome.

Now that I have introduced you to the world of Wine Folly, go now and buy all of these posters. The more you buy the more you save, seriously, they have deals on buying multipes and it doesn’t have to be the same poster.

Love. Marisa


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