DIY :: Copper Pipe Handles


Did you see my super sweet side table redo from yesterday? If not, take a peak, DIY :: {Faux} Silver Leaf.

Did you see those awesome drawer handles and suddenly think, “I need to go to Home Depot?” No worries. I am going to show you how I made these copper pipe drawer handles in the following tutorial. The great thing about these handles is that you can morph them to fit your specific needs!

DIY :: Copper Pipe Handles | The little Red Heart

Disclaimer: These handles were made specifically for these drawers, so when doing them yourself be sure to take into consideration measurements specific to the piece of furniture you are working with. The top handle is 12 1/4″ and the bottom handle is just shy of 15.”


8 ft Copper pipe

8 — 1/2″ 90˚ copper elbows

Mini tube cutter

4ft 1/2″ Wooden dowel


Small paint brush

Cutting Apparatus — hack saw, circular saw, Dremel with appropriate bit…you catch my drift

Drill and small bit

8 — 1 -1/4″ Wood Screws

Goo Gone

Paper towels


Step 1: Measure and cut 8 3in pieces of the wooden dowel.

Note: You can do smaller pieces of dowel, but I went with around 3″ so that we had room to hold the piece when cutting.

Step 2: Using the small, and hopefully cheap paintbrush spread the E6000 around the inside of each copper elbow. This only needs to be done to one side of each copper elbow. IMG_1694

Step 3: Push wooden dowel into copper elbow and let it cure overnight.


Step 4: Take the Goo Gone and remove those pesky labels. My labels were tenacious so I wish you lots of luck!

Step 5: Decide what length of handle you want, measure, and cut the copper with the mini tube cutter.

Note: The elbow itself is 1.25″ and the pipe will fit into the elbow approximately 1/2.”

Step 6: Cut the excess wood off flush with the copper piece. I used the hack saw and smoothed any rough edges with the Dremel cutting disc.

Step 7: On the drawer mark where you want each handle to go, drill that hole with your small bit, and attach the copper elbows to the drawer, make sure you place the copper pipe in-between the elbows before attaching the second elbow.

Step 8: Ta-Da! Step back from your work and admire a job well done!

DIY :: Copper Pipe Handles | The little Red Heart

Project Cost Breakdown:

6ft 1/2″ Copper Pipe   $7.99

8 1/2″ 90˚ Copper Elbows   $4.08

4ft Wooden Dowel   $2.08

8 Pan Head Screws   $2.97

Mini Tube Cutter   $9.59

Total = $26.71 or roughly $6.70 a handle

A pretty pretty price for handles so nice!

Love. Marisa


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