DIY :: {Faux} Silver Leaf Dresser


I hope you are having a wonderful day! I should call this post “The first one was easier than the second one” I think, because I got the first one done in record time and posted my sneak peak. I was excited to move onto my next step but then I remembered I had another dresser to faux silver leaf!

I hope you enjoy this lovely side table re-make and I apologize for the awful before picture but it was all I could find!

Decision Making Time:

Do you want a dull and aged looking piece of furniture? If so, use the matte side of aluminum foil and crumple to make wrinkles.

Would you like an modern smooth and ultra shiny piece of furniture? If so, use shiny side and cut each piece of foil to avoid as many wrinkles as possible.

Combination: I needed to cover blemishes and I wanted that shiny but slightly aged look. To gain this look follow the steps below.


2 widths Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil –18″ was wide enough for the sides and the 11.8″ was for smaller areas

Wall Paper Paste

Varathane Professional Clear Finish Semi-Gloss



{Sharp} Craft Knife

Household Cleaner

Paper Towels

Damp Towel

Prerequisite Step: Find two absolutely hideous side tables in the worst shape ever or any piece of furniture you want redo.

Step 1: Clean the piece of furniture you will be working on and allow to dry.

Note: I suggest leaving the top piece until last. This way it is the final piece and has the least amount of opportunity for scratches or cuts.

Step 2: Cut a piece of aluminum foil that is large enough to cover the side of the dresser.

Note: This is why two widths comes in handy. I did as little cutting as possible to allow the dresser to have that seem-less look.

Step 3: Take brush and smooth on an even thick coat of wallpaper paste.

Step 4: Gingerly place sheet of aluminum foil onto dresser.

Step 5: Using your fingers as a bray, smooth the aluminum foil to remove wrinkles and bubbles.

Note: I was covering up large blemishes so my goal was to have parts of the aluminum foil that were crumpled and wrinkled to aid in hiding the blemishes.

Step 6: Then cover the aluminum foil in a light, even coat of wallpaper paste.

Note: This paste will dry clear but dusty, if you do not want this effect have a damp cloth available to wipe the excess wallpaper paste off. I have seen multiple others use Modge Podge as the finishing coat, but the amount of Modge Podge I would have had to buy for the two dressers was out of my budget.

Total monies spent for these two bad ass side tables was as follows:

2 side tables $15

Wall paper paste $10

Wide aluminum foil $2

Standard aluminum foil $1.50

Total = $28.50

I had to replace the hardware because it was ugly so I will break down the copper pipe handles for you tomorrow!

Aren’t those copper pipe handles the cat’s pajamas?

If you think so, stay tuned for the handle DIY tomorrow!


Love. Marisa


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