Wino Wednesday :: Deep Purple Zinfandel


Wino Wednesday already!

This Wednesday is like a slightly early Throw Back Thursday, because I rocked out to Deep Purple whilst drinking Deep Purple.

You might think that the wine label was going to get sued but apparently the band accepted the homage with open arms, so no cease and desist was ordered. Seriously, dudes, if there was ever a wine label that was some homage to me I would be ecstatic!

A slightly interesting fact about myself is my lack of knowledge when it comes to music made during my lifetime. Growing up I mostly had an affinity towards Led Zepplin, CCR, Blue Oyster Cult, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and a splash of Frank Zappa, all of which were apart of my dad’s uber cool vinyl collection.

The only CD’s I own are as follows: “Aquamarine” by Aqua and strangely Jewel “Pieces of You.” Scary how strange that makes me seem.

Review: Deep Purple Lodi Zinfandel 2011

Technical Specs:

Varietal: Zinfandel

Vintage: 2011

Appellation:  Lodi, California

Content: 13.5%

Price: Sale $13.45 CAD, Reg. $15.95 CAD

This is not my first time buying Deep Purple and every time I am amazed at how effin’ cool the label is!  If you look closely at the front label it describes the wine, which is usually found on the back label. The label is made by Bob Johnson who is a well known graphic artist that has done many labels in California.

After I cut through the bright orange foil and pull the strangely traditional synthetic cork I smell jam, loads of jam. Once in the glass, I see a bright and clear ruby colored wine. After a bit of swirling my nose is filled with a classic aroma of the region, floral blackberry, along with baking cherries, and tart red plum.

After my first sip, while I am singing “Smoke on the water and fire in the sky,” I taste all of the same dark fruits from above along with a medium high acidity and background hints of oak. The wine has a lovely tannin structure and the finish is accompanied by a touch of cocoa.

This wine is bright, young, and definitely a drinker.

This wine is a best buy at under $20, especially for the region. Don’t compare this wine to the super ripe Lodi Zinfandels that have high sugar and alcohol, the more expensive choices, but instead accept that this wine is delicious, especially for the money you spent to buy it.

A wine called Deep Purple is bound to go against the grain.

Drink this wine with burgers, lighter tomato sauces and pasta, or this brownie recipe specifically made by Deep Purple, called Deep Purple Zinfandel, Cinnamon Brownie Bites.

If there were to be a wine label made as a homage to you what do you think it would be called?

Answer in the comments below.

Love. Marisa


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