MAKE it :: Origami Elephant Wall Hanging


I do not know about you but origami is the cat’s pajamas. Seriously, I love it. Am I good at it, hmm? I ain’t no master if that is what you are wondering. I don’t know if you recall, but in my Moroccan Room Motif post I mentioned my love of lions.

I love lions, my patronis would be a lion. I am nerdy like that.

I wanted to fold a lion but all of those in origami, that I liked, looked like a 3000 piece puzzle that was all the same sunflower field, it just wasn’t going to happen. Even if by some miracle I made it through I did not want to put you through that same ringer. That would have been mean. That meant time to open my animal horizons.

At about that same time both Cody and my mom mentioned my thing about owls. I was like, say what, I like owls? Then I thought back to 4th grade when I did a project about owls and remembered how much I loved owls back then, talk about the bleeding edge, I was so ahead of that trend I forgot about it for a decade.

Thinking about my renewed love of owls I also remembered I loved penguins around that same time. Then I thought, if I could I would have chickens, pigs, and a goat, if Cody would let me. Point being, I have other animals that I like and love I just always get wrapped up in my love of lions.

Now that my horizons have been expanded I decided to follow through on a budding love of elephants.

Although, I  did not need this wall hanging of tiny, adorable elephants it seemed like a good idea to just roll with it. As mentioned before, I love origami but am by no means an advanced folder, maybe intermediate, so beware the Elephant will take some patience.

After following FIVE different tutorials I landed back at the first one I found, which is by far the best video tutorial! It is around 24 minutes long, but her directions are clear and she has a lovely voice.

MAKE it :: Origami Elephant Wall Hanging | The little Red Heart


7″ x 7″ Origami Paper

{Optional} Bone Folder

Embroidery Floss

Small Darning Needle

{Optional} Beads and Tassel


Step 1: Make as many of these Elephants as you have the patience for following the video below. I made seven in various colors and patterns.

Note: I used 6″ x 6″ in paper and some folds where a little tight but with a little extra patience it is possible.

Note: Leyla Torres, the voice in the above video has a website/blog, Origami Spirit,  full of great tutorials if you are looking something other than an elephant.

Step 2: Using the needle, string the elephants onto the embroidery floss being sure to use knots before and after each elephant.

Note: If you decide to use a different type of string or are having difficulty with the knots here are two other options: a dab of E6000 glue on the string, inside the Elephant, or a crimp bead placed before you string the Elephant, be sure your crimp bead is bigger than the needle so it does not pop through the needle hole.

Step 3: String beads and attach tassel to the bottom.

Note: Here is a basic tassel tutorial, from Martha Stewart if you are unsure how to make one.

Step 4: String beads at top and make a loop for easy hanging.

Step 5: Hang and enjoy!

MAKE it :: Origami Elephant Wall Hanging | The little Red Heart

MAKE it :: Origami Elephant Wall Hanging | The little Red HeartAlso, is it just me or is this Lion sizing up the Elephant?

I also made a few of these little guys that are just chilling around the office. These Elephants are so adorable I cannot help but smile when I look at them.

Have a Fantastical Friday! I know I am looking forward to a nice low key weekend.

Love. Marisa


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