Wino Wednesday :: Santa Cristina Toscana IGT 2009

Hello and Happy {Late} Wednesday!

If you are of a that religious persuasion, Happy Ash Wednesday! I definitely think it odd that I am writing this wine review on Ash Wednesday but I figure (red) wine, Catholic girl, and the whole first miracle thing, the dude upstairs would be down.

Today I snagged a bottle off my wine rack to drink. I know it is Italian, red, mostly Sangiovese, and has the name Antinori on it. The name Antinori has been in the wine biz for like six centuries, they probably know what they are doing.


Review: Santa Cristina 2009 Toscana

Technical Specs:

Varietal: Sangiovese 85%, Merlot 10%, Cabernet Sauvignon 5%

Vintage: 2009

Appellation: Toscana IGT, Italy

Alcohol Content: 13.0%

Price: Exact Bottle Price N/A

Santa Cristina is made in a Tuscan city called Cortona, which I always find funny because my brother’s name is Courton. Below is a map to help you locate the whereabouts of this winery.

This glass of predominately Sangiovese is a bright and luscious garnet in color. First sniff, I get fresh dirt, I know weird, but seriously it smells like a freshly tilled patch of rich, dark dirt. Dirt is not the only thing that I get on the nose, there is also this intensely ripe berry notes of raspberry, blackberry, and plum, with light white floral notes.

The wine has all of the same rich berries as the nose, and the floral hints are more pronounced with violets. The freshly tilled dirt is replaced with an aged tobacco note. I imagine this was more pronounced earlier in this bottles life.

This Sangiovese has a long and lingering finish that is accompanied by soft tannins.

Overall this is a drinker or a keeper. Reading reviews around the web I have come to the consensus that this wine was most likely under $9 USD and is great at that price point. Not often do you get a wine that can keep as long as I kept it and still be intact for that price point.

This is what I consider a daily grape, something that can be consumed with a plethora of foods and be enjoyed. Not something you will necessarily remember until the end of time but for the price it holds its own.

I enjoyed this wine all by itself, but with ANY pasta and meat sauce it would be delicious. Also, grilled meats of most persuasions and I would say medium-aged cheeses, nothing to overpowering.

The Cliff Notes Review: This wine is smooth and supple and for under $9 is a best buy.

Love. Marisa

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