Sneak Peak :: Side Table Refinish


I am SO excited about these pieces of furniture that I revamped, that I had to show you a sneaky picture before the side table were even finished! I am hoping to have them both done by next weekend, but I actually have things I have to do this week for roller derby.

DIY :: {Faux} Silver Dresser Sneak Peak | The little Red Heart

That’s right. I am back on skates and am pretty much crushing on all the girls I have met so far! Also, derby means a new glitter helmet, outfit to figure out, and props for our team photos. I am on one of the Forest City Derby Girls home teams, The Luscious Lunch Ladies and I often find myself saying “The Lushies.”

If you like me even a little bit, go to the link above and like The Lushies, please. We are having a competition between the teams to see who can get the most likes.

Oh, and if you were curious at all, my name on the track is Jackie Ossassin. 😉

Love. Marisa


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