Wino Wednesday :: Duxoup Charbono 2005 Napa Valley


It is Wednesday already! Hump Day sure does come quick!

I have had this bottle of wine about four years now, sometimes I just never get around to drinking something. I know wine snobs be like, you may have stored that wine way to long, but the truth is nobody knows when a wine peaks unless they open it and drink it. So I guess you could say I threw caution to the wind when I didn’t get around to drinking this earlier and boy am I glad I didn’t.

Side note, if I had not enjoyed this wine now it would have hit a point soon where it would have completely fallen apart. Wine is tricky and aging wine is even trickier.

I call this the CherBono, because it does not age. {insert awkward giggle here}

Review: Duxoup Charbono 2005 Napa Valley

2005 Duxoup Charbono :: Wine Review | The little Red Heart

Technical Specs:

Varietal: Charbono

Vintage: 2005

Appellation: Napa Valley, California

Alcohol Content: 13.0%

Price: Sale Price $10.97 USD  Reg. Price $19.95 USD

This winery is located in Northern Sonoma County and was founded by two “free spirited and inquisitive winemakers,” that obviously have a sense of humor. How do I know this, you ask?

The name of the winery, Duxoup.

People will struggle to say the name in some form of a French accent but in reality is it said, Duck Soup.

This particular varietal, Charbono, comes from the Frediani Family who farms grapes in Northern Napa Valley. These ancient vines were planted before the turn of the century and are located just outside the town of Calistoga. Duxoup has been making wine with these same vines since 1985.

Charbono is a fairly rare grape that dates back to ancient time and what I would call the opposite of mainstream, so if you have had the pleasure of enjoying one you truly are a wine adventurer.

For those of you who have not, this wine is dark and has the intensity of burgundy ink in the glass, it’s quite beautiful!

Off topic, I have wanted very badly to dye my hair lately and if I could I would transfer this glass of wine to my hair and it would be AWESOME.

After I got over the shock of how pretty this was, I was surprised by the lightness of the nose. Dark fruits, such as cranberry, plums, and the tartness of blueberries, with this unmistakeable weathered barrel.

As I described the nose above, the palate is just as wonderful, following through with all the same notes but also accompanied by quick and bright acidity mid-palate and a smooth tannic finish. This bottle of wine has truly aged gracefully.

I would not be shocked if this wine was young, bright, tight, and a little funky if it was drank closer to the year of its vintage.

Aged a bit, this wine will pair well with hearty meat dishes, like my husband’s favorite special meal, a seared steak.

The one thing that was most exciting was the “wine diamonds” that were formed on my cork! No, don’t worry it was not a shard of glass. They are merely pure cream of tartar crystals, which are a sign of a fine wine. These crystals form when the wine has a higher natural acidity, wines with lower natural acidity have no excess to crystallize. Next time you see these crystals don’t be scared because they do not effect the taste profile of the wine and are not toxic. 😉

"Wine Diamonds" | The little Red Heart

Love. Marisa


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