DIY :: Ferrero Rocher Lucite Box Hack


I guess if you did not get my long and wordy title, let me drop a little more information for you about this DIY project.

My husband is tall and skinny, I am short and curvy and we both love chocolate. However, he can eat an entire box of chocolates in one sitting and you know where it goes…the black hole that is his stomach! My god, that man has not gained any weight in the 6ish years I have known him! I cannot say the same for myself.

Cody loves Ferrero Rocher, but those chocolates are only for special occasions or if they are on sale. I would say 3 years ago I bought a box around the holidays and it was a nice sized plastic box that had “up cycle” written ALL over it, but for the last three years it has housed my paint sample cards. Last week I looked at it and was amazed at how pretty of a box this was, underneath the logo that is, and the wheels started spinning.

DIY :: Ferrero Rocher Lucite Box Hack | The little Red Heart


Ferrero Rocher {Plastic} Chocolate Box — preferable the one with the faceted top

Liquid Gold Leaf

Paint Brush

Crystal Clear Gloss Spray Paint

Dresser knob and screw

Goo Gone

Dremel Tool

Bit — similar in size to screw


Step 1: Use the wonderful product that is Goo Gone to remove any sticky residue from labels or tape. Then use your fingernail to scrape off the “Best By” date on the side of the box, while you are at it there is no harm in cleaning the whole box.

Step 2: Shake the liquid gold leaf and apply one even coat to the box lid and allow to dry.

Note: To paint this box lid you could easily use spray paint for plastic, Krylon has a plastic spray paints that comes in a variety of colors. If you want an opaque lid, arcylic paint will not give the type of coverage you want. You have been warned.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until you have a lid that is covered to your liking, I did three light coats.

Step 4: Take the lid to a well ventilated area and spray a light coat of Crystal Clear Gloss spray paint and allow to dry.

Step 5: Repeat Step 5 until you have reached your desired look, I did four light coats.

Note: If you look closely at my lid the sides and top are slightly different colors. Ah, you see it now don’t you. Well, this was a bit of a fluke but I know what happened. Liquid gold leaf will separate into a bronze and a red when not entirely shaken, or if you introduce the clear gloss coat to heavily at first. My spray paint nozzle was a tad broken so the first layer went on far too thick. Thus when the colors started to separate, the red appeared more. I am not going to say if you replicate this you will get the same effect but it is possible. I actually like that this happened because it is for my office which has this color on the walls, DIY :: Moroccan Statement Wall.

Step 6: Find the center of your lid, mine conveniently had a small blemish from manufacturing right at the center.

Step 7: Find a bit that is the same size as the screw that fits your knob and drill hole through lid, being sure to do this step on top of newspaper or magazine to avoid damage to the work surface.

Step 8: Attach knob.

Note: If you cannot find a short enough screw, there is always the option of cutting a screw to the right size with the Dremel Tool.

Step 9: Fill fun box with matching color jewelry for the cool monochromatic look and Ta-dah!

DIY :: Ferrero Rocher Lucite Box Hack | The little Red Heart

Well Happy Crafting and I hope you love your new, super cheap Lucite box as much I love mine!

Love. Marisa


5 thoughts on “DIY :: Ferrero Rocher Lucite Box Hack

  1. How did you get the label off the top?? the box I have has a label on the inside of the top, I tried fingernail polish remover but it “etched” the plastic.

    • Bev, the label on most Ferrero Rocher boxes are indeed “printed or etched” onto the plastic and cannot be removed. All I did was take liquid gold leaf and paint on both the inside and outside of the lid. Gold leaf is so thick that you shouldn’t be able to see the label through to the top and I did a layer of gold on the inside as well. I hope this helps!

      • Thank you for the quick reply. I don’t have access to liquid gold since I already got the label off (bu messed up the texture of the plastic lid.. I am going to try krylon metallic gold paint in place of the lid.. I will let you know if it soon as it stops raining here so i can go outside.

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