DIY :: Moroccan Statement Wall


If you recall I did an inspiration post for our guest room/office awhile ago, if not here it is again, Moroccan Motif Inspiration. Well since that post I have been slowly working away at this space, but craft space takes a ton of storage so it has been a struggle to do as much as I can with what I already have.

The townhouse that we rent is less then beautiful when you look closely, especially the paint job. I doubt anyone else would notice, but the painter used a slightly different shade of beige. This would not have been a problem if he had painted the whole wall, but he got lazy mid way through a few walls.

What does a renter do?

I badly wanted a this Moroccan patterned temporary wall paper but it was way out of my price range. I studied the wall paper and recreated the design, grabbed this shiny bronze paper that was on sale for 5 for $1, reg. $1 a sheet, and went to town!

This room is not ready for a reveal yet but I will show you my favorite piece so far, the awesome statement wall!

DIY :: Moroccan Statement Wall | The little Red Heart


Paper — I used two different colors

Plastic stencil sheet



Double sided tape — Zots

2″ circle punch

Yard Stick



Step 1: Using the plastic stencil sheet design your template, or do a simple internet search for a downloadable template.

Step 2: After you have successfully copied and drawn your design, carefully cut out your design. You have successfully made a stencil at this point!

This is a picture of my design up close and my finished stencil.

DIY :: Moroccan Statement Wall | The little Red Heart

Step 3: Take the stencil you just completed and trace out your design on desired paper, being sure to optimize paper usage.

Step 4: Cut out enough designs to get yourself started on the wall.

Note: The tricky part for me was knowing how much paper I was going to need to complete the wall. I was able to fit 5 of my designs on one piece of 12″x 12″ paper. Each vertical line required 11 designs and 11 circles. That equals around 50 pieces of paper, adding a few for mistakes.

Step 5: Using 2″ circle punch cut out circles.

Step 6: Find the center of your wall and using a level make a straight line from floor to ceiling.

Step 7: Depending on the size of your shape repeat step 6 outward from center. Be sure to make all lines level and evenly spaced.

Note: The focal point of this wall started with a circle right above the point of the headboard and moved outward.

Step 8: Apply double sided tape or Zots to back of paper and adhere to wall, following the lines you drew on the wall earlier.

Note: Make sure to take into account the weight of your paper and the strength of your adhesive. I learned this lesson the hard way, which equals more work.

This wall was what I call an undertaking, so for the sake of your sanity do not drink wine while completing this project!

And I call this picture The Prince of Arabia.

DIY :: Moroccan Statement Wall | The little Red Heart

Love. Marisa


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