DIY :: {Faux} Marquee Heart Light


Oh, well this is a bit awkward, Valentine’s Day is over and the first tutorial I do is a heart. This tutorial just goes to show hearts are always in or I have an affinity for them.

Unless of course, you hate hearts, which I can live with but I will bring it up in conversation as much as possible, just to make sure you know that I know.

Actually, this particular light has been dancing around in my brain for around 5 months! I want a neon heart, but alas, the ones I want are not in my price range. Then I thought, well I will make a heart marquee light out of wood and that will be easy, but honestly I didn’t want to spend that much time on it either.

What is a girl to do?

IMPROVISE. (say this is a slightly high pitched opera voice…do it…did you do it?)

This canvas, which is 3ft by 4ft, was a dumpster dive find of mine. Yes, I totally will get in a dumpster, just ask Cody. I did not even have to dive for this, it is was just leaning against the dumpster in all of its ugly glory! Seriously, this thing was someones idea gone wrong.  It was painted turf green with a mirror that was broken into a bunch of pieces glued to it with brown paint splattered over top.

I could not leave it there, the canvas was huge and FREE.

I awkwardly walked it home a couple blocks whilst walking my dog, who was not thrilled. I painstakingly chipped away at the broken mirror, the semi cleaned off canvas resulted in my wearing a band-aid on each finger for about a week. Then I found this miss-tint mint paint and painted the whole thing. I could not remove all the glue that held the mirror pieces so I just added more to make it look flawed.

Fast-forward 2 years, I then painted it ombre with two more shades of mint.

Fast-forward 6 months, Ta-Da!

I have had this big, slightly odd looking canvas for 2 1/2 years and have finally given it new life!

DIY :: {Faux} Heart Marquee Light | The little Red Heart DIY :: {Faux} Heart Marquee Light | The little Red Heart


Canvas — in desired size

Base Paint Color

Lights — Anything that suits your fancy

X-Acto Knife

Liquid Gold Leaf

Paint Brush



Step 1: Paint canvas desired base color.

Step 2: Take your canvas, pencil, and eraser and draw a heart. I free-handed this because my canvas is so flawed I did not want a perfect heart.

Step 3: When you have a heart you like, paint it with liquid gold leaf.

Note: This gold leaf was crazy on sale at my local Michael’s, I mean $3 a bottle (reg. $10) but there are beautiful glitter and metallic gold paints out there if you prefer something easy to work with that is usually cheaper.

Step 4: I marked every two inches on my heart. My heart is 100 inches round and I had a string of 50 lights, a total coincidence.

Step 5: Take your blade and make small “X” shaped incisions at each mark.

Note: Try to make the incisions small because when you push the light through it will be tight, that way you do not have to do any taping on the back side.

DIY :: {Faux} Heart Marquee Light | The little Red Heart

Step 6: Plug it in and enjoy!

DIY :: {Faux} Heart Marquee Light | The little Red Heart

My new {faux} heart marquee light is the coolest night light I have ever had! The color options are endless on this so go cray-cray!

Love. Marisa

P.S. Mr. Doodles, on an adorable orange chair, being… you guessed it, Adorable!

DIY :: {Faux} Heart Marquee Light | The little Red Heart


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