Watch it :: Valentine’s Films for Everyone

day27Hello! Welcome to Day 27! Grab your popcorn and settle in on the couch this Valentine’s Day.

This post should be called, Movies for Valentine’s Day from the Loreno – Fullerton Collection, but that was a bit too long.

Yes, the Loreno – Fullerton movie collection is fairly large because we LOVE watching movies, of all kinds! We love everything from Die Hard to Bollywood movies! Cody looks at me the other day and says, “You should do a post about movies.” I thought that was a wonderful idea because all the movies that are suggested to watch on Valentine’s Day seem to be similar in nature. Sometimes you just want to cuddle up and watch a love story, or want action and a love story, or a movie sans love story, it all depends on your mood. Well, for me it always depends on my mood.

I broke this down into four categories: Sappy Love, RomCom, Non-Traditional Love stories, and Bromances.

Sappy Love

{Seriously, just insert any movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.}

Cody’s favorite- The Notebook

My favorite – The Lucky One

Dirty Dancing

Barfi – A Hindi Film, there are subtitles, and YOU WILL CRY.


{Insert anything with Steve Carrell or Tiny Fey}

Leap Year

The Proposal

Crazy. Stupid. Love. 

Date Night

Non-Traditional Love Stories

{I call these films unassuming love stories}

Underworld — The whole series is love and ass kicking

Silver Linings Playbook

Despicable Me 2



{Dude’s Night in? Watch a Bromance and forget about the ladies}

Hot Fuzz


Pineapple Express

The Other Guys

One specifically Valentines themed film is I Hate Valentine’s Day starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett. I think this movie is all sorts of adorable and funny, but I have a soft spot for anything starring Nia Vardalos.

These are favorites of Cody and I, and I hope that these suggestions help you in some way while picking out your movie(s) to watch this Valentine’s Day weekend!

Love. Marisa


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