Wino Wedneday :: {Local} Craft Beer Edition


Hello! Welcome to Day 26 and Wino Wednesday!

Um… so today is my half birthday! The only reason I mention this is because my husband will often do something nice for me because in all the years of being together, like seven now, he has yet to be in the same country as me on my real birthday!

I may or may not use a little of the guilt face… if it works… use it. 😉

Oh, no worries, I usually celebrate my birthday somewhere between August 7-12 because my mom’s is the 7th. We do what we love, we eat yummy food, drink yummy wine, eat yummy cupcakes, wear cute clothes, and all around have a fabulous time.

But what does that have to do with Wino Wednesday and Valentine’s Day?

I just read an article about how women should learn to respect men in the husband/wife relationship. Yes, they may not do what we want all the time, but it is still necessary to dote a bit on your man so do something fun for Valentine’s Day, that both of you will love.

Well, Cody and I both love beer and I really wanted to have fabulous beer at Milo’s Craft Beer Emporium (pronounced Meelo’s) in downtown London, ON. This time we went and chatted up our server who filled us in on a ton of goings-on in London, beer and non-beer related. She let slip the Beer Geek with beer apps, and I had to mention that I totes am one of those geeks! It was hilarious!

For all you ladies and gents that are more in touch with your hoppy side, this Wednesday is all for you!


Sawdust City Beer Bloody Long Dark Voyage to urANUS — (the website is under construction so I pointed you towards the blog)

 I am not screwing with you–that is actually the name and oh boy does this weird name have a wonderfully weird beer to accompany it! Sawdust City calls this a Uranal Imperial Stout, with an ABV of 9.5%, it has a touch more kick. This beer has wonderfully long and dark notes of roasted malt and chocolate with the “bloody” part being the tart, fresh raspberry you pick up around mid-palate and for me it finished strong with raspberry (Cody did not get the raspberry as much).

This to me was the beer brother to the Chocolate Raspberry Mousse I made last week!

Bloody Long Dark Voage to urAnus | The little Red Heart

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

At first glance, it is love at first sight! This beer has a thick, whipped cream like head with a touch of mocha. The roasted dark chocolate and espresso are piercing, with the ABV an easy 5%, this is one smooth drink. Best part, that head is reminiscent of a finely made Italian cappuccino where you have to scoop out the foam!

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout | The little Red Heart

Well I hope you enjoyed this Wino Wednesday, Beer Edition!

Next week I promise to have some good old fashioned wine. 😉

Love. Marisa


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