DIY :: Valentines Piñata Wrecking Ball

Welcome to Day 24! I know, I know you are almost rid of my V-day blowout!

This tutorial is super fun and even {sort of} up-to-date with pop culture, something I am usually way {way} behind on, but there is no way I could miss this one. The whole Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball music video, if you are not aware, click the link and view it real quick.

Okay, so now that everyone is caught up, what a wonderful and funny Valentine to give! The song is all about love and how much work it can be if you make it that way, even though all you remember is Miley, scantly clad, swinging on a wrecking ball. This week spend a little time and make, possibly the funniest, Valentine for your special someone.

If you have a whitey tighties and boots like Miley, maybe this could turn into more of a bedroom event, if you catch my drift. However, I do not condone the licking of the sledge hammers, until properly sanitized. 😉

DIY :: Valentines Piñata Wrecking Ball This is my husband and I recreating the Wrecking Ball music video, you dig?


Small Balloon(s)





2 Bowls – 1 medium, 1 small

Masking Tape

Black Tissue Paper

Black Crepe Paper

Utility Knife

White Craft Glue

Paint Brush

Chain — Purchased my by the foot at Home Depot — Pick chain heft based on size of final piñata.

Piñata fillings!

Step 1: Blow up balloon to desired size.

Step 2: Cut newspaper into strips — varying with size of balloon. 

Step 3: Use medium sized bowl and mix flour and water until a paste forms, continue stirring until it is similar to pancake batter. 

Note: Make sure your flour is not lumpy otherwise your piñata may dry with lumps. I combined close to  a 1:1 ratio for flour and water, but as a cautionary tale, I say start with flour and slowly add water.

Step 4: If yours has extra bubble at top use masking tape and tape and “X” over the top to ensure rounded top.

Step 5:  Place balloon on top of small bowl to use as a pedestal. Then dip a strip of newspaper into flour/water mixture, being sure to coat both sides. 

Step 6: Starting at the top create and “X” and smooth over it with hand.

Step 7:  Cover entire balloon with newspaper strips. It works best to do multiple thin layers the bigger the balloon is.

Step 8: Let balloon completely dry. Being sure to rotate on top of bowl so everything dries evenly.

Step 9: Once dry cut a small hole, big enough for chain, where balloon knot is located.

Step 10: Cut another hole on the bottom big enough to fit candy through, be sure to keep the “door” to this hole.

Step 11: Take chain and tape around base, until it is layered enough to ensure it will not fit through top hole.

Step 12: Starting with other end pull the chain through the candy hole and then through top hole.

Step 13: Tape around top hole to reinforce, fill with candy, and tape the candy door into hole.

Note: The next steps are what I did to create the wrecking ball look, using the same process but different colors can yield the look you please.

DIY :: Valentines Piñata Wrecking Ball

Step 14. Cut black tissue paper into strips — varying with size of balloon.

Step 15. I painted the piñata with white craft glue and then covered it with black tissue paper and let dry.

Note: The broken piñata stopped at this point. If you want true to wrecking ball style stop here. If you want a wrecking ball in piñata style continue.

DIY :: Valentines Piñata Wrecking Ball

Step 16. Then unroll a long piece of black crepe paper cut and fold in half length ways.

Step 17. Take scissors and cut along opposite side of fold to make fringe.

Note: Cutting along fold will create the rounded fringe you often see on piñata.

Step 18. Starting at bottom of piñata glue the fringe around and around. I glued right above previous layer so I had many layers of fringe on my piñata.

Note: This will look awful at first but will start to take shape when you get about halfway through. Hang in there.

Step 19: A bit of fancy foot work is required at the top near the chain. Additional smaller pieces of fringe may need to be cut.

Step 20: Hang it up and swing away with your sledge hammer, you deserve it!

Oops! I hope you made two, one for you and one for your Valentine!

Love. Marisa


DIY :: Valentines Piñata Wrecking Ball

P.S. I found this awesome rock at the dollar store and thought, Oh My God, wouldn’t it be awesome if this is now you were proposed to? Well, maybe I am the only one that would love to crack open a piñata and find “Rock” candy.

P.P.S. If you are totally a visual person and these steps just are not cutting it, I understand, go here and click through these detailed picture steps at Refinery 29. Maybe someday I will have a space that I can actually take pictures whilst I work, for now I shall refer you on!


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