Valentines :: Donut You Know I Love You

Valnetines :: Donut Roundup |The little Red Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day 23!

I have been seeing donuts everywhere this year, from people eating them, to crafting them, to baking your own so I thought it would be fun to do a Valentines Donut Roundup! As much as I would love to make donuts and blog about, it ain’t gonna happen. I in no way need donuts around the house because I would eat them, all of them. That would be bad and I would regret it later. However, a few of my favorite bloggers just happen to have more will power, or friends, so I will share their posts with you!

1. A Beautiful Mess :: Chocolate + Red Wine Biscuit Donuts… um, red wine, donuts, and sprinkles, Trifecta!

A Beautiful Mess | Chocolate + Red Wine Biscuit Donuts

2. Studio DIY :: Conversation Heart Donuts. The epitome of edible Valentines!

Studio DIY | Conversation Heart Donuts

  3. Damask Love :: Donut Valentines. Easy and adorable! Also, today she just posted a recipe for donuts that seem to match the Valentines.

Damask Love | Donut Valentines

I hope you enjoyed these adorable Donut Valentines and go check out how to make your own donuts at all three of these adorable blogs!

Love. Marisa


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