MAKE :: Valentine’s Vial Necklaces

Day 22 | MAKE :: Valentine's Day Vial Necklaces | The little Red Heart

Hello! Day 22 is here and I have tiny little treasures that you can craft for yourself and all of your Valentines.

I have been wanting to get back into jewelry making for quite some time, but just never had a reason to do so, until I saw these lovely little bottles at the dollar store. I thought to myself, not out loud, wouldn’t these be adorable filled with glitter and worn around your neck? Well I was right, weird, I know.

I think these would be wonderful to make for your closest gal pals as a Valentine’s Day treat, that isn’t chocolate. Maybe, give the necklaces to them early so that they can enjoy them the day of Valentines.

MAKE :: Valentine's Day Vial Necklaces | The little Red Heart


Glass Vial

Stopper — Cork or Plastic (ideally they came with the vials)

Chain, Rope, Leather Necklace

Glitter, silver leaf, liquid gold leaf, contact paper, nail polish, etc

Clear spray paint

Metal rings

Needle nose pliers

Necklace closure

Step 1: Fill a vial full of glitter, silver leaf, candy, or whatever you please.

Step 2: Use contact paper (red) and craft punch to make heart shaped sticker.

Step 3: Put stopper in vial. (I had a plastic stopper that was ugly so I painted it with either nail polish or liquid gold leaf)

Step 4: I did a quick shot of clear spray paint over paint to ward off chipping.

Step 5:  Attach metal ring to stopper.

Step 6: Slip necklace through metal ring and then attach metal rings to each end of chain.

Step 7: For the chain, I attached both a small and large ring to make it easier to use with claw clasp.

Well I am off to the derby, roller derby that is, and I am wearing my necklace!

Love. Marisa


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