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Day 21 | Ink & Love | The little Red Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day 21!

It dawned on me that I am blogging to people I may or may not know, so I thought I would share a touch about myself and Cody. And this story is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The first traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper. We didn’t really need any paper so we got ink, matching ink.

Yes, matching tattoos.

I know what you are thinking, really Marisa, what if you divorce or etc, etc…

Well this may seem sappy but both our parents are still together after 25 years of marriage, so we have fabulous role models for wedded blitz.

Cody and I both have a deep passion for beautiful tattoos, but the hardest part is coming up with a couple’s tattoo that is not just an expression of you, but of your other half as well. Also, we did not want a tattoo that people look at and know is a couple’s tattoo, not that I do not love some of those adorable lock & key ones it just wasn’t Cody and I.

Here was our tall order:

We wanted matching, subtle tattoos, hidden in plain sight on our wrists, and something that would age with us.

Cody and I each had an idea and they were similar in nature so we took the two and mashed them together. We found an artist who’s portfolio both of us loved, and scheduled an appointment.

This is however is not an endorsement for you to go out and get matching tattoos this V-day! And please, DO NOT just search couples tattoos on Pinterest and snag the first one you like. Take the idea of the tattoo, and steal like an artist. Change and morph it into something for yourself, this way you have the original idea that you likes but a piece of permanent ink that is not identical to another.


Stop, think, wait a little bit, think some more, and then go.

I personally have three tattoos that I love, two of which I love love love, and one that I only love, love because I wish I would have spent more time finding an artist. This one I got with my mom, which she agrees with me.

Here is a picture of our tattoos for your eyes only.

Ink & Love | The little Red Heart

Our tattoos where done by Athena Funk, seriously awesome girl and artist, for current pictures follow here on Instagram @whiskey7. She is currently at Addictions Tattoos and Piercing in Fargo, ND, but she likes to travel so stay updated to see if she is going to be a guest artist or at a tattoo convention near you.

Ink & Love | The little Red Heart

This may or may not sum Cody and I up…

I hope you learned a bit more about me because I like to be as transparent as I can for you, while not allowing myself to gain any real life stalkers. 😉 Cyber stalking is totes fine, but showing up at my house without notice, not cool because I probably haven’t cleaned the bathroom.

Love. Marisa

P.S. Here is one couple’s tattoo that I love, especially because I am enamored with knuckle tats. Seriously, I think they are awesome!

Wedding Ring/Tattoos | The little Red Heart

“If you were a bird, I would be a tree because then every night you would come home to me.”


This couple has adorable wedding ring/tattoos that are an owl for her and a tree for him. This couple had an outdoor wedding beneath beautiful trees and these tattoos seem to be a perfect reflection of them. Also, in their photos you can see a wedding full of personal touches and an AIRSTREAM, oh my god, I think I could be friends with them.


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