DIY {Snow} Heart Attack

Day 20 | DIY {Snow} Heart Attack | The Little Red Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day 20 of The little Red Heart’s Valentine’s Blowout!

I had plans for a wonderful DIY gift but I totally got sidetracked when it snowed a ton yesterday! It is no secret that I don’t live in the nicest part of town, but Cody and I have always lived in tiny apartments because we don’t like spending a ton of money on rent. This place was a bargain that we couldn’t pass up. So when I was out shoveling yesterday it dawned on me that snow is fun (well at least when it is not crazy cold).

I decided it was a perfect day for a little outdoor fun!

DIY {Snow} Heart Attack | The little Red Heart

This 28 Days of Valentine’s love should be spread to the whole complex, we live among approx 100 other townhouses, tucked away on a dead end street, so it is not the cheeriest place on earth.

A Snow Heart Attack!

I walked around the complex spray painting hearts on the snow that cheered up all the kiddos and even those grumpy people that would never let on!

Grab all the supplies and get out there and tag your Valentine’s yard! Or just have fun around town, I know I made a large bottle of reddish pink so I could do this every day until V-day!


 Dye — I used two bottles of Red

Spray Bottle



Craft Knife


Step 1.  Fill spray bottle with cold water.

Step 2. Add liquid dye, in color of choosing and shake.

Step 3. Draw shape on cardboard and cut out for template.

Note: I suggest cardboard because it can withstand a little wetness and not completely fall apart. If  you want the negative space hearts be sure to salvage both pieces of template.

Note: I have found that others have used Kool-aid, Easter egg dye tablets, and clothing dye as other color alternatives. Please do NOT use spray paint, it is toxic and is not good for Mother Nature, even when she is covered in snow.

DIY {Snow} Heart Attack | The little Red Heart

I call this one “The Bleeding Heart”

  DIY {Snow} Heart Attack | The little Red Heart

Love. Marisa


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