Wino Wednesday: Wild Hibiscus Review

Day 19 | Wild Hibiscus Review | The little Red Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day 19 and it is Wino Wednesday!

I take my wine seriously so Wino Wednesday has become one of my favorite posts of the week! This week I have a fun little surprise for you and your cocktails!

Wild Hibiscus, Flowers in Syrup.

Wino Wednesday:Wild Hibiscus Review | The Little Red Heart


Once, what seemed to be many moons ago, I had a job that I woke up for every morning, and I hate mornings, but I loved this job. One of the best perks of my Mondays & Tuesdays was getting to try all the samples the wine and liquor reps brought in, makes the week go by quick! One of the reps set a jar of these Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup on my General Manger’s desk and I was intrigued so I took them home with me.

The timing for the Wednesday seemed too perfect so I snagged a bottle of sparkling wine to try these flowers out and here is what I think.

When I finally got the jar opened, a lot of effort went into that part, I was greeted by delicious red berries, raspberry and rhubarb is what they use, and these strange hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus flowers have been “preserved” in cane sugar and spring water, so they almost seem candied.

I poured myself a glass of Martini Asti, I wanted a sparkling wine a touch sweet, and dropped the hibiscus flower in. The bubbles cascaded beautifully along the petals of the hibiscus and then were released to the top of the glass. The bubbles themselves seemed to slowly help the flower flutter to the top of the glass, where the flower blossomed. It was all quite magical. The whole time the syrup from the flowers gave the wine a slight blush color and sweetened it a touch.

It was delicious and a wonderful treat for a Valentine’s Night-In.  And the flowers are quite delicious to eat! The Wild Hibiscus website that I linked to above has a slue of recipes that look fabulous and even a recipe for Hibiscus Flower Chevre Apps.

I hope you have a chance to buy a jar of these because they are superb!

Love. Marisa


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