Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Day 18 | Valentine's Day Cocktail | The Little Red Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day 18!

I know that this post is later than usual but I have good reason. I went to my first combine/crossfit (whatever you want to call it) class yesterday and all I feel like doing is laying in the tub and crying. Seriously people, someone could use me as a surf board I am so stiff. It really is funny, in a sad sort of way.

But don’t pity me, rejoice for yourself because I made my self a stiff drink and am here to share it with you! Yay, a lovely, lush Tuesday!

Best part about this cocktail is it is flexible to fit the needs of your liquor cabinet and the other ingredients you can find at a liquor store or grocery store easily! A big pet peeve of mine are the cocktail recipes that are made with a million and a half odd ball things that firstly, I don’t know where to find, and secondly, when I do find them they are way to expensive to buy for one specific cocktail. Am I right?

Valentine's Day Cocktail | The Little Red Heart


1 oz. Ciroc Red Berry Vodka

Club Soda — I like soda, if it is not your favorite try a lemon-lime soda.


1/2 cup Greandine

1 cup Water

Note: If you want to drink this lovely now, scratch the ice cube steps and just add a splash of grenadine to your drink.

Grenadine Ice Cubes:

Step 1. Bring 1 cup water to a boil, then remove from heat.

Step 2. Add 1/2 cup grenadine and stir.

Step 3. Pour into heart molds and freeze.

Note: These grenadine ice cubes do not seem to fully freeze so they need more freezer time than traditional ice cubes.

Cocktail Recipe:

Step 1. Pour Red Berry Vodka in glass, according to your level of thirst, and top with club soda.

Step 2. Toss in a couple grenadine ice cubes and raspberries.

Step 3. Lift glass to lips and drink.

Note: If you want your drink to be especially pink, put raspberries in the glass first and pour vodka over top. Let them steep a wee bit and then pour soda over top.

Love. Marisa

P.S. This is scrumptious. I am not a cocktail person and I consumed the one in the picture before I was done taking pictures… This is a judgement free zone, so stop thinking what you are thinking. 😉


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