Secret Agent Valentine Box

Day 17 | The Little Red HeartHello. Welcome to Day 17!

A fond memory that I have from my childhood was making Valentine’s Day card boxes. My parents were all sorts of elaborate, and for this reason I still have to have to do aluminum foil crafts around Valentine’s Day. I don’t even know if  kids make Valentine’s Day card boxes any more, but if it is, this would be my kind of cool.

A secret agent briefcase to carry my V-day stash of candy and cards is way cool. What’s not to love?

Secret Agent Valentine Box | The Little Red Heart


Cardboard Box — Lunch Box Shape with handle and closure

Aluminum Foil

Glue Stick

Aluminum Foil Tape


Craft knife


Hard Piece of Plastic — Credit Card

{Optional} Finger hand cuffs

There are no hard and fast ways to easily cover the box and you may have a completely different shaped box so I am going to give you a few ideas on how to work with the aluminum foil for this project.

When covering the outside of the box think about making a cover for a book. A book needs room in the cover to close. This also allows you to have no seems on the outside of the box making it look ever more the part. Lay a large sheet of aluminum foil out on the table, glue stick the whole top of the box, and then turn it over and place it on the aluminum foil. Flip the box over and use a credit card to smooth out wrinkles and air bubbles.

For inside and around the box I measured and cut the aluminum foil down to the appropriate size, leaving a bit of allowance on all sides. This way you know you have enough to work with.

For small fixes and around the handle I used a few small pieces of aluminum foil tape to cover up imperfections. If you do not have aluminum foil tape just take small pieces of foil and a lot of glue. The goal is to have as little ruffled edges so the briefcase ends up looking smooth and shiny.

Snag a pair of finger cuffs and whoever is lucky enough to carry this bad boy around will feel like they are Bond, James Bond.

Love. Marisa


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