Feng Shui & Love

Day 15 | Feng Shui & Love | The Little Red HeartHello! Welcome to Day 15!

Everybody Feng Shui tonight…imagine crowds of men and women practicing Feng Shui during their mid-morning work break. Oops, wrong Chinese practice.

Feng Shui (pronounced fəŋ-shwē, fəŋ -shwā) is not a martial arts practice or the gentle exercise of Ta Chi or Tai Chi Chih.

Feng shui is the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects in “space”.  Space is truly a universal idea in Feng Shui.  Space can mean the topography of the earth, the direction a home or business faces, or the placement of a pointy leafed plant on your desk.

Lillian Too, a renowned practitioner and expert in the study of Feng Shui, declares that as we enter the study of Feng Shui, “we will enter into the intangible world of dragons and tigers, wind and water, positive and negative forces, Yin an Yang, energy flows, cosmic breaths, and the interactions of nature’s elements, constantly changing, constantly in a state of flux.”   Lillian Too is my heroine.  Imagine the Feng Shui warrior dressed in black trousers, a white structured blouse, brass Chinese coins adorning her flawless neckline and a satin leopard flowing cape, swooping in to share her potent Feng Shui cures.  This is an adaptation of a favorite photo of my Feng Shui warrior who changes the chi of single men and women, families, Mom and Pop businesses, and multimillion dollar corporations in single bounds.  It makes me smile.

This is Mary, MoM of Marisa. I am the woman who birthed the woman who birthed The Little Red Heart.   Marisa asked me to share my ideas about Feng Shui and its applications in the bedroom…Really?  No, she asked me to share with her readers how Feng Shui might be used in this season of love to enhance romance.

I am unpracticed at this moment in time.  With my  last “Feng Shui-ing” being a new cube at work … I used many different colors of clips, books, and posters to increase my comfort, productivity, and communications with others.  I am still employed, in that cube, and enjoying (for the most part) my communication with co-workers.

The practice of Feng Shui can be simple or complex.  I have dabbled on and off in the practice of Feng Shui for several years.  My dabbling is an effort to make interior design and the use of space less overwhelming and more comforting.  I have found the answer in Feng Shui.  When I know that a space needs help, I can count on Feng Shui to give me direction, support and nurturing. I have a more keen understanding of the Bagua  vs. the use of the Luo Pan Compass. The Luo Pan Compass is an overwhelming directional device that scares my socks off.  The Bagua is part of my simple understanding of the practice of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Bagua | The Little Red Heart

I have included a  Bagua similar to one that I have used to practive Feng Shui in my home, my husband’s business, and my work space.  The Bagua map is the tool of the Feng Shui practitioner.  It is fairly straightforward.  You line up the bottom of the Bagua with the wall in your home or apartment that contains the main entrance. As a landmark for the use of the Bagua in your home, note the location of your entrance in one of the three areas of the Bagua Map; Knowledge and Self-Cultivation, Career, or Helpful People and Travel.

Then you decide your intention or what area of the Bagua that you would like to activate.

Ideally, this Valentine season you would find that your bedroom would be in the Love and Marriage trigram of the Bagua and it would be in the Southwestern corner of your home.  The southwestern corner is associated with social life and marital prospects of the unmarried. Unfortunately, my Love and Marriage trigram is in my pantry. I have placed a red table and a pink wreath in this area. Marisa is happily married and my son is not interested…and I continue in wedded blitz to the same adorable man for the past nearly 27 years…

If your southwest corner is not your bedroom, your goal will be to overcome the obstacles of having your Love and Marriage aspiration thwarted by an inauspicious placement.  With some creative thought and action you can improve your love and marriage aspirations.   Consider red and pink garland for a temporary and fun-loving enhancement – think Little Red Heart Round-up of Garlands or favorite photos of you and your lover.

If you are single, think doubles.  Think two lovebirds, a picture of a bride and groom, or the Chinese character for double happiness. Think Chinese love knots, red hearts, red roses, pink candles, and natural quartz crystals that activate the earth element of the southwestern corner.

It is recommended that you Feng Shui your entire house and then Feng Shui individual rooms as in the traditional Feng Shui school concept of Big Tai Chi and Small Tai Chi.

January 31, 2014 marked the onset of the Chinese New Year.  For the next 13-15 days you will enjoy the crisp and clean slate of the year of the Horse.  Now would be a good time to Feng Shui your home and decorate with red, the symbol of good luck in Chinese culture, making sure to activate your Love and Marriage aspirations. This is a very simple and concise “toe in the water” explanation of Feng Shui.  Yet, as in everything that we do in life, intention is key.  If you believe and you are motivated your intention will be positive and so will your results.

Thank you Marisa, for inviting me to share my thimble of understanding of Feng Shui with your readers of your blog. For further reference on Feng Shui shop for books by Lillian Too, Terah Kathryn Collins, T. Raphael Simons, Sarah Rossbach, or Lin Yun.  And check out the Bagua at elementsandenergy.com.

Love. Mary (MoM)


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