DIY Valentine’s Day Poppers

Day 14| Valentine's Day Advent Calendar | The lIttle Red Heart

Hello. Welcome to Day 14! Tomorrow marks the The Final Countdown {sung like The Hullabahoos from that final competition scene in Pitch Perfect}

A fun and easy, early Valentine’s Day surprise for anybody. The inspiration came from Emily Henderson, that adorably weird HGTV Host and Designer, Surprise Balloon Poppers project she made for her husband. A little tweak and it will add a bit of fun each day until Valentine’s Day for your special someone.Valentine's Day Poppers | The LIttle Red Heart

Warning! The balloon holders and sticks were rather elusive to find. I came across them at my last stop, Dollarama. I tried every party store and a couple florists in town until I gave up and went to the dollar store where there were colored ones in packs of 8 and TWO, yes two, sizes. Ain’t dollar stores just grand?

If you don’t know what I am talking about when I say balloon holder and stick, this is a link to Oriental Trading that shows a nice picture of these do-dad’s.


14 Balloons — Heart Shaped if you can find them

1 piece 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper

14 Balloon  Holders

14 Balloon Sticks



{Optional} Confetti


AND a pin…

Step 1. Cut 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper into 1/2″ strips.

Step 2. Write sweet nothings on strips of paper.

Step 3. {Optional} Take funnel and fill balloons with as much confetti as you deem necessary!

Step 4. Roll up strips of paper as tight as you can and put into balloon.

Note: This step is tricky. I ended up cramming the rolls into the balloon’s neck and pushing the roll in further with a paper straw.

Step 5. Blow up balloons!

Step 6. Attach plastic balloon holder and stick to balloons.

Step 7. Tie ribbon around the sticks to create a GIANT bouquet and give to your Valentine.

Valentine's Day Poppers | The LIttle Red Heart

Valentine's Day Poppers | The LIttle Red Heart

You could buy sticker numbers, at least 2” and number the balloons if you wanted to add another dimension to the game. So grab all the supplies I suggested above and put your creative pants on!

Love. Marisa


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