DIY Valentine: Tiny Heart Attack

Hello. Welcome to day 10, where an itty-bitty surprise awaits!

Tiny Heart Attack | The Little Red Heart

This Valentine is a love child between World’s Smallest Post Office’s Tiny Packages and The House That Lars Built’s Heart Attack.

Lea Redmond, The World’s Smallest Post Mistress, will hand make and ship all over the world tiny letters and tiny packages. I think how wonderful it would be to peek around her work space. I love writing, paper, pens, and wax seals, but then add the another dimension of tiny and I am in awe.

Brittany over at The House That Lars Built, makes a package full of love that she calls a “heart attack.’ I have done this previously for my husband but never had a cute name to accompany it. P.S. She also does amazing paper flower tutorials and has classes that you can take! Go check her blog out, you will not be disappointed.

This DIY will show you how to make a tiny package that you can will with love for your special Valentine!

Tiny Heart Attack | The Little Red Heart

Tiny Heart Attack | The Little Red Heart


1 piece Brown Kraft Paper Textured Card stock

Box Template Heart Attack Box Template…Or use any tiny box you have laying around

(It has come to my attention that, depending on browsers, the preview for the template may not work but the PDF will download perfectly.)

Double Sided Tape or Zots


Paper Cutter

Heart Confetti — DIY  (4 pieces card stock various shades of pink and red) or BUY

1 piece White Paper

1 Fine Point Sharpie Pen– Black, Red, Blue

Air Mail Stickers — Martha Stewart Crafts, picked up at Michael’s

Bakers Twine — Red

Scrap piece newspaper

{Optional} Glass Vial + Aspirin + Break In Case of Emergency Note

{Optional} Tiny Letter + Envelope

Step 1. Print template onto brown card stock.

Step 2. Cut out box and fold along black edges, being sure to put the black lines to the inside.

Step 3. Use tape or Zots (where appropriate) to assemble the box.

Step 4. Take scrap newspaper and stuff bottom of box.

Step 5.  DIY Heart Confetti. I used a Martha Stewart Crafts Heart Confetti Punch with three shades of pink. I then used the Recollections Petite Heart Punch in two shades of red and a little hot pink. The other larger hearts are the Recollections Large Heart Punch, it is around a 2” heart.

Step 6. Snag a glass vial at the Dollar Store (pack of 5) and pop two aspirin into it along with a small, handwritten tag that says, “Break in Case of Emergency.”

Step 7. For the letter, cut a piece of white paper to 1”x1.5.” Then write your love note on it and tri-fold it. As for the envelope, I do not have dimensions because I winged it (see picture).

Step 8. Use White paper for Return Address Label and Mailing Address Label or write directly top fold of box. For the stamp, use a tiny square of white paper and make a special stamp for the lucky recipient. I did a little red heart forever stamp. 😉

Step 9. Slap some mail stickers on the box and tie with string.

Ta-Da! A tiny heart attack package!

If this is something you want to give as a Valentine but do not have the time, go to The World’s Smallest Post Office and buy a tiny letter or package, both are made to order and ship within 2-3 days, you have just enough time to order before Valentine’s Day. Or buy the World’s Smallest Post Service Stationery Set, a DIY kit that allows you to make 40 of your own tiny letters and 4 tiny packages for a steal at $21.25.

love. marisa

Tiny Heart Attack | The Little Red Heart


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