Valentine’s Day Garland Roundup

Day 9 : A Garland Round Up |The Little Red Heart

Hello. Day nine and I went around the blog-o-sphere and found some of my favorite Valentine’s Day garland!

So here’s the scoop. I made some wonderful garland but I have a house full of beige (rental) and oh my did those pictures turn out U-G-L-Y.  London has had nothing but overcast all week, I have only a couple of good places for light in the house, and my photography still are still…budding? Not even Photoshop was doing them justice and because I did not want to pull all my hair out, I rounded up some of my favorite blog’s garland DIY.

#1. This one is an oldie but a goodie Valentine’s Day themed garland with classic red & pink.I love the ombré and no sew qualities of this garland tutorial, DIY No-Sew 3D Heart Garland, from The Sweetest Affair.

DIY No-Sew 3D Heart Garland {The Sweetest Affair} | The Little Red Heart

#2.  Tassel garland and DIY Giant Heart Balloon with Tassel Fringe! Say no more. This tutorial from The Tomkat Studio is all glam with a touch of rock!

Giant Balloon Heart with Tassels { The Tomkat Studio} | The Little Red Heart#3. Glitter…Hearts…Gold. This Valentine’s Paper Heart Garland is fit for the hippest of princesses, quite fitting since Lianne from Lulabelle hung these “hawt” garland in her little girl’s room.

Valentine's Paper Heart Garland { LULABELLE } | The Little Red Heart#4. A perfect excuse to go out and buy yourself and lovely bunch of roses! A pair & a spare have a beautiful DIY Rose Garland tutorial that will fill your space with lovely aromas of rose.

DIY Rose Garland { a pair & a spare } | The Little Red Heart#5. The cherry on top is the classic good looks that are a red heart, plus origami. Jessica over at How About Orange is telling us that we have enough time to make hundreds of thousands of these 3D Origami Hearts they are so easy.

3D Origami Hearts { How About Orange } | The Little Red Heart

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day Roundup, it was my first! Also, I did not pick these tutorials by just pinteresting (?). These are beautiful blogs that I love to follow and have a plethora of inspiration on a daily basis.

Love. Marisa


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