Little Composition Notebook Valentine’s

Hello. Day Eight is upon us and I have just a little Valentine’s craft.

This is a short and sweet post.

I do not have children but I have learned from the internet that parents are looking for candy-less Valentine’s ideas. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY? Sorry, that was me on a sugar high, I totally get it. Doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to figure that out. 😉

I hope you have some time to sit down and craft with your family this Valentine’s season! This is a fun and easy little craft that all ages can enjoy.


Little Composition Notebooks — Snagged a 3pk at the Dollar Store

Washi Tape

Glue Stick or Glue Dots

Heart Punch

Fine & Felt tip Sharpie

Scrap Paper — Assorted V-day Colors


Baker’s Twine

This list could go on and on. Grab your craft supplies sit down and have fun. Maybe you want a button monogram, or a glitter heart, or feathers, or…you get my point.

You do not need steps for this one my young padawans, go forth and create.

Love. Marisa




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