Yoga & Inspiration for your Heart

Day Seven | The Little Red HeartHello. Day seven is inspiration for your heart.

Yoga & Love | The Litte Red Heart

The first six days of love were filled with things you could eat and drink but I promised a little something for everyone. Day seven is about opening your heart through yoga.  Valentine’s Day is just around  the corner but underneath all the red and pink what are you doing to keep your heart open, healthy, and full of love all the other days of the year?

For me, the short answer is yoga.

My yoga practice goes through stages of intensity, yet I still fit a little into my daily routine because yoga helps me to open my heart to loving myself. Yes, loving myself. By focusing on loving myself I am able to treat myself with the respect and compassion I deserve.

May sound lame but you are worth it.

You are thinking, Oh my god, this girl must be pretty and thin. I hate to say it out loud but we associate happiness with the size of our waistline. So to make you feel less annoyed with me right now, let me tell you this, I am just about as average as average is. I think for a Doctor my “healthy” weight is probably 40 lbs less then where I am now. So I totally know what you mean. I wake up some mornings and sigh.

Scratch that…

Comparison is the thief of joy.

If you do practice yoga I challenge you to bring these ideas with you to the mat, if you do not, why not give it a try?

1. Allow yourself to be imperfect. {Do this before you walk to the class and see that super adorable girl in those awesome yoga pants} Yoga is practice. Nobody does yoga perfectly, not even those that teach. This idea makes it easier to let go of perfection before you hit the mat.

2. Let go and be present. If you had the best day ever or the worst, let it all go and be in the moment. Learning to be in the moment is difficult because we all have so much to let go of, but it is attainable and it makes a difference in how your body responds to yoga. If your brain is present your body can follow.

3. Set an intention. An intention is something that can be carried through life, not just practice. “I want to do tree pose with my foot on top of my leg instead of against my thigh,” is not an example of an intention. “I am going to love myself without judgement,” is an example of an intention.

4. Focus on You and Listen. Your body will tell you a million things if you quiet your mind. Some days your yoga may take you through a beautiful balance sequence on…both sides, but other days you may want to only do child’s pose.  I don’t care if that cute girl next to you is doing half moon like a goddess, if you need child’s pose, go there. Do not push yourself and listen to what your body needs, not what everyone else is doing.

5. Bring a touch of humor. Not usually something yoga instructors tell you to bring but it eases most situations and allows you to move on from difficult ones. Some of my favorite classes are those that have a touch of giggle in them.

6. Surrender. Savasana (Corpse Pose)  is not just to cool down, it is for you. Do not think of what you have to do next, let it go. Become so quiet minded that you melt into your mat. This is a vulnerable place to be but it is pure bliss to let go of everything and slow to a snails pace.

7. Yoga is a journey. It does not matter the type of yoga you do always remember that you are taking a journey to yourself.

These nuggets of love come from years of yoga, one fabulous instructor (who I wished moved with me), and being raised by esoteric parents. They are not for everyone and you may have noticed that this post is a touch different from the rest, so please let me know what you think. My blog is in its infancy and I am still trying to figure out what exactly makes The little Red Heart beat…

Yoga is what keeps me healthy and happy and I wish that on all of you.

Love. Marisa


2 thoughts on “Yoga & Inspiration for your Heart

  1. I think you’re bang on 🙂 Those things are all things to keep in mind with yoga practice, for ten minutes or ninety. ESPECIALLY being present and keeping humour with you. Everything is harder if you can’t laugh at yourself (which I always need when I’m doing the standing series in bikram and I can’t hold anything for the whole time…whether I’m wearing my lululemon or not, haha).

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