DIY Bath Bombs

Day Six. Get out your birthday suits!

Every lady should pamper themselves in some way. Personally, I find the price of pampering myself to be far too high. I usually get my hair cut once a year so that puts into perspective how much I spend on other things like face, hair, and nail products. Oh, wait, I don’t. By price I do not always mean money, sometimes the time is just as hard.

The one thing that I love to do is take baths. I don’t do bubbles but I always use Epsom salts. If you really want to know I buy most of my bath products in scents like peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus. A few Christmas’ ago I made most of the ladies in my life a bath kit of sorts, it contained a homemade candle (totally botched those), bath bombs, and/or my special blend of bath salts.

I called the special blend of bath salts Aches, Pains & Hurt Brains.

Ever since then I have made myself most of my bath products. My perfect retreat to the tub is enjoyed with my favorite bath supply, bath bombs!

Have you ever had one of the huge bath bombs from LUSH? If yes, you know what I’m talkin’ bout. If no, go treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. LUSH bath bombs run $5 – $7 and are absolutely wonderful. Remember, if you get a bath bomb that has a bunch of extra stuff in the bomb you have to clean it up after you take your bath and that my friends is annoying.

Relax and enjoy a bath just to yourself, or in the spirit of V-day, and a big tub, a partner in crime. *wink wink


5oz. Baking Soda

3oz. granulated Citric Acid

3oz. Cornstach

3oz. Epsom Salts (finely ground) I always have Dr. Teal’s Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus and Spearmint — This is wetter then other Epsom salts so factor that in when you are adding your essential oils and water.

2 t. Water

2 t. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

{Optional} Few Drops Essential Oil(s)- Peppermint– is an intense essential oil so be careful, with other oils you may be able to add more.

{Optional} Dried herb (I used Rosemary) or flowers for garnish

Silicone Heart Mold

Step 1: Combine, all dry ingredients,baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and Epsom salts in a large bowl and whisk together until uniform.

Step 2: Combine wet ingredients, water, coconut oil, and essential oils, in a small bowl.

Step 3: Slowly add wet ingredients to dry ingredients. If the mixture starts to react (fizz) quickly mix it into other dryer parts of the mixture. The fizz means you are adding the wet to the dry too quickly. Once all wet ingredients are into dry mix the consistency should be that of damp sand when you squeeze it.

Note: It is not important to add all wet ingredients to mixture, check your mixture to make sure it is not getting too wet. If your mixture seems to be too dry, slowly add a little more water.  Making sure not to overdo it!

Step 4: Quickly scoop and push the mixture to the mold of your choice.

Note: This was my first time using a silicone tray and I noted that drying times where much higher. If you live somewhere more humid be sure to leave mixture in the mold until dry, if you do not, you will have crumbles.  Molds with more detail will need to dry longer because they are easier to pop out of the mold when dry. Previously, I have used a hard mold, such as an ice cube tray, muffin tin, or candy mold and once you have pressed them into the mold you can pop them right out to let dry.

Step 5: Store the completed bombs somewhere where they will be dry, like an airtight glass jar, this way the bombs will not activate and explode!

My husband hates, and I mean despises lotion of any kind, so I avoid using it…but this is like a lotion bath. These bombs have made my skin as smooth as expensive Champagne. This is my first time making these with coconut oil and I will never make them any other way.

Bath bombs are not the easiest to make but well worth the effort so experiment with different mixutres and recipes until you find the winning combination for you!

Angela over at Bare Root was the inspiration for day six, so go check out her lovely Easter Egg Bath Bombs, so go take a peek!

Love. Marisa


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