Wino Wednesday: Red Velvet Cocktail

Hello! Day Five is worthy of this delish V-day inspired drink!

I hope that you heeded my advice and either started making that Raspberry Liqueur from yesterday or went out and bought some because this drink is a treat!

Have you ever heard of a the cocktail Black Velvet?

Well, if you have, you are far more in tune with wine and beer based cocktails than I am, I am way out of the loop. A Black Velvet is a flute half filled with sparkling wine and then topped with a stout beer, usually Guinness. That could be your new favorite, but I was doubting the idea that I could enjoy a Black Velvet so I searched, searched, and searched until I found…{insert drum roll please}…Red Velvet!

I know, like the delicious, yummy baked good that comes in various shapes and sizes, but this has alcohol in it and you drink it. Thus why no further reasons were needed for me to try this cocktail.

Ingredients: This recipe makes 1 drink.

2 oz. Chilled Prosecco

2oz. Chilled Framboise (raspberry) Lambic

1/2 ounce crème de framboise (raspberry liqueur)

{Optional} 1 or 2 raspberries skewered on a rosemary sprig, for garnish

Step 1:  In chilled pint glass, combine the Lambic and crème de framboise and stir gently.

Step 2: Pour the drink into a chilled flute and top with Prosecco.

Step 3: {Optional} Garnish with the rosemary-skewered raspberries.

This drink would be the perfect signature drink for a little soirée that had a Valentine’s theme and a Ladies Only invite list; you have plenty of time to toss one of those together!

Make sure not to use every sprig of rosemary for your drink(s) because tomorrow you will need some to soothe your day, after you’ve indulged in too much Red Velvet. *wink wink

The recipe for this drink was contributed to Food & Wine by Francesco Lafranconi, go check out his other delicious looking drinks.

Love. Marisa

P.S. The “Don’t Stain My Table Douchebag” coaster, from my rude coaster set, is SO fitting because this drink makes a mess where ever it goes!


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